Katie Waissel

I do feel sorry for the girl. She never warranted this kind of awful behaviour towards her. Some people really are awful.

I feel sorry for her. The album is not good but she does have potential. She has a very nice tone to her voice.


steste said:
She actually had one of the strongest voices when she performed on the tour. I was surprised. Her rendition of Help was really good.

A lot of the newspaper reviews said good things about her.
lol, the real Katie will finally be revealed on the second album...and then when that doesn't sell any, the third....and then....


steste said:
I loved it when Dannii questioned her on the real Katie. Cheryl and Simon were having none of it, as usual.

That's because Disco D's got a mind of her own...
Surprising to say but some songs are quite listenable from the album - Very 'Un-X Factor' style debut and most likely from her pre-X factor work! Liking 'He's in Love'
mugoftea said:
I thought she was really into 80s, Queen and Madonna, but the clips on her album sound really 60s?

I know this is old but the album is... not shit. Quite enjoyable actually. It's a weird 20s30s40s50s60s combination plus there's a track that sound like Wet Wet Wet on it, but she sounds fine on it.