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Katy B - Little Red (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Artemisia, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Agreed that 'Play' is the weakest thing here, and 'All My Lovin'' is okay-but-not-great. That said, 'Tumbling Down' is very good and 'Everything' and 'Sapphire Blue' are incredible.
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  3. kal


    Thanks! I just had to switch country and log in to the UK store.

    Edit: Still not playing for some reason.
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  4. Play is so gorgeous. It's just outside the holy trinity of 5AM/Crying For No Reason/Still for me.

    Still is just so fucking good. It's really very perfect.
  5. Emotions is my slayer. Stunning. "Have you really idea idea how you could hurt me?"
  6. Album is stunning. Wasn't sure after preview clips, but this is another classic. She's still doing what she does best, working with total confidence around her sound, but opening up the emotions, scope a bit.
  7. I did enjoy the album on my first listen, but it's definitely one that needs to stretch over repeated plays.

    That fuller version of 5 AM was definitely necessary.
  8. TJ


    Totally agree with this. The production is thought through, it's slick, sharp and crystal clear. My early favourites - singles aside - are Next Thing, Still, Emotions, Sapphire Blue and Hot Like Fire. Hope this album sends her to the top.
  9. The album is on US iTunes now. They better give it promo.
  10. I can't help thinking this would have been the perfect album for Britney to release.
  11. Literally anything other than Britney Jean would have been the perfect album for Britney to release.
  12. Hahahaha
  13. I don't see it? Is it buried somewhere? It's not on her artist page.
  14. What the hell, I don't see it anymore. The release date was the 11th and the price was 12.99.
  15. "Everything" has been my jam this morning. Easily the standout from yesterday's leak.

    Is this the song someone a few pages ago said was very 90's? I have to agree.
  16. I hae moved Still from the last position on the album. I physically do not have the time to wait 11 tracks to get to it! It's just too good.

    There are only 2 tracks that are not gelling with me and that's Play and Tumbling Down. The rest are fantastic.

    I still love Aaliyah.
  17. 'Crying for No Reason', 'Everything', 'Still', 'Next Thing' and '5AM' are my current highlights.
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  18. I can now tolerate All My Lovin', but Play is a definite skip, especially since the AMAZING Sapphire Blue is right after it.
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