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Katy B - Peace and Offerings EP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Well I think Under My Skin is divine. Katy's voice is gorgeous on this (years of vocal rest paying off!! Sksksk), the vocal production is truly luxurious and makes this a pleasure to listen to. The melodies are giving classic rnb, I can hear Aaliyah, Brandy, Ashanti on this.

    Honey is one of my favourite songs from her and this hits the same marks. I'm sure she's got some dance bangers up her sleeve though!
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  2. 3Xs


    Her voice sounds just as good (maybe even better?) than I remember. The production is really top-notch. Bassy and slinky, heavy Aaliyah vibes. Instantly one of the best singles of this year for me.
  3. This just isn’t doing IT for me. Her voice is flawless, it’s an alright track but for me it’s not the I’M BACK I wanted. I hoping the second single will thirst my quench.
  4. Honestly, she's been away so long (Honey was 2016!) that she'll need to do some groundwork in terms of getting her streams/placements/profile back up again, so I presume there's going to be a couple of tracks like this to build up momentum before any kind of album rollout.
  5. Unless she gets on some major playlist I think her days of charting singles are long gone.
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  6. She still comes across as quite a young artist to me so I don’t necessarily feel like the female/age/radio not touching her will come into play.
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  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Another single:
  8. I'm glad that we're getting something new in short piece of time. I wonder if it will all lead to some kind of EP at least?
  9. 2014

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    I can't believe I missed tickets going up? Ugh.
  10. SEE has some left!
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  11. 2014

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  12. Similar vibe to "Under My Skin". Missing a bit boppier side of Ms B, but it's still a lovely song.
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  13. I love it! That lounge-y, jazzy vibe is lush, it reminds me of Hard to Get from her debut.
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  14. To quite Vanessa Hudgens:”I respect it.”

    But where are the bops?
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  15. This one sounds like a demo. If she's going R&B then I need it to be as lush and smooth as Under My Skin was, Open Wound have lovely melodies though.

    And yeah, she's going R&B/Soul. Her new EP, Peace and Offerings, featuring 8 tracks is dropping on October 29th.
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  16. Just gimme one bop please babe. I have loved both these tracks too. Very vibey and been on repeat since release.
  17. 8 songs…I’d say that was an album.
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  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I think this is more or a reintroduction to her after awhile away. It’s clearly a little low key.
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