Katy B - Peace and Offerings (EP)

To be honest I expected that record to sound more lush and expansive, whereas sometimes it sounds amaterouish.

But except of that, her voice just glides over the tracks and the melodies are classical Katy level. I think that Lay Low and Floating are my favourites at this very moment.

I just hope that she’s back for good and we can expect more frequent releases.
Her voice really is the embodiment of the original Sugababes all rolled into one. I adore her tone. She really does glide on these tracks. This is a solid project. Looking forward to more, hopefully in the near future.

Also, Floating is my favorite. It sounds a lot like Alicia's Unthinkable (I'm Ready) which I love.
Finally got into this EP today and I can't say I'm disappointed. Her tone is absolutely exquisite and she glides on every track. There's no hit, but it's a good collection of tracks after a few years away. Here's hoping she can release more consistently cause I miss the bops.
Under My Skin has crept up on me, even though the production and the verses are a biT too close to Complicated.

Yes girl, release your debut EP a bit? Reminds me so much of the ELIZA and Tara Carosielli EPs. This is so new artist discovery and right up my alley. I hope she continues to release more often cause her discography is insane.
I'm enjoying this EP quite a bit, and while it doesn't have the high highs of her previous albums, it more than makes up for it with slick melodies and hooks.

This is probably gonna be an unpopular opinion, but Aftermath is the one I go back to the most. It's so lush and dreamy. Reminds me of Sapphire Blue.
Under My Skin has crept up on me. I love everything about it, from the music to the lyrics to her voice. Just sublime! Such a nice unexpected treat to have new music from her.