Katy B - Peace and Offerings (EP)


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I just want another Little Red from her. Still one of the most brilliant UK albums which will forever have a special place in my heart.
I have faith in her to do it. Her megamix set at Hoopla was amazing even if she didn’t do the iconic second verse of I Wanna Be.

She still has a smash in her. I know it.
I’m starting to feel like she’s left it too long, personally, but I hope she can find her way back. I still find it odd that she took 6-7 years off with only two albums and a “mixtape”.
I always thought Little Red might give her a BPG chance - and Crying For No Reason certainly felt like it was purposely positioned to - but it never quite clicked for her.

I love that she's got some festivals booked this year and I think sort of re-establishing herself as a mini legend who's been at the forefront of club sounds and the underground could be a really smart move.

(Dubstep is also due a full on comeback soon so..)