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Katy Perry - 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Nov 30, 2021.

  1. They (Alesso’s label, not Capitol) sent it for adds this week at Top 40. It got 28 which is a good start including B96 in Chicago.

    It’ll be Top 40 on Pop radio in a matter of days, which is more than we can say for anything released during Smile (I’m not counting NRO).

    If only Capitol would, oh I don’t know, actually give it some promo, it could probably go Top 15 which would be a good showing,
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  2. They really should push this considering it doesn't look like she has anything else and it's actually a great pop song.
  3. They've sent it to radio and gave it a primetime video premiere with a huge audience, it seems like they've invested a decent amount in making sure it gets heard. It's also near the top of Pop All Day, just hits (over 2M followers), Pop Rising (over 2M followers) Pumped Pop (over 1M followers) and several other playlists, in addition to having been at the top of New Music Friday. It's kind of up to how the GP responds now.
  4. The really reminds me of another song and it’s driving me mad! I am really hoping someone can help me. Is there a sample in it or anything?

    ok edit: the bit that I’m getting familiar is from Melanie C’s Room For Love. The “do do do” bit after the chorus.
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  5. Those Spotify playlists really don't do a huge amount. Hits need to be on the Hot Hits Playlists for each country and Todays Top Hits, for any kind of significant boost.
  6. Not me scrolling past this thinking it was a post from a meme page promoting an OnlyFans.
  7. RMK


    They're probably waiting to see if there's interest building on the smaller playlists before adding it to Hits, or anything.
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  8. The way she has me as lil Katy cat rite meow. Just watched the video and Katy really said I got great tits and love pants!! Honestly stanning WIG in all it’s basic but better cause it’s Katy Perry winking greatness
  9. So Katy is going to be on Thomas Rhett's new album, a track called Where We Started. The title track no less.
  10. Yes, get out there Katherine! I'm glad she's doing all of these collaborations and rebuilding some interest prior to a proper album.
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  11. I’m looking forward to it, all Thomas’s collaborations have been ace. I’m thinking ballad but I’d love another Don’t Threaten Me with a good time banger.
  12. Of all the country artists she could have worked with, I'm glad she went with Thomas because he's one of the better ones.
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  13. The little Boris dig at 8 mins ffff Katy
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  14. I love when she indulges the UK... thinking of her Get out of my pub!!! and bringing on the skeletal Theresa May to the Brit Awards
  15. What....

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  16. Streets saying she has a new song with Zedd coming out soon.

    Never Over and 365 are amazing so I'm ready.
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  17. Yes! Queen of Promo again!
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  18. The performance of Walking On Air at SNL is one of her very best so more of that and less of the Bop Appetit performance.
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    SNL for two features? Is she planning an album this year? Why the sudden blitz?
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