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Katy Perry - 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Nov 30, 2021.

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    Longevity queen!
  2. Any indication of what the second SNL song will be? I feel like if she had something dropping tomorrow (tonight) we'd know by now, so it seems like it'll be either a cover or a throwback hit/medley?
  3. She’s on Live right and confirmed they’re doing Never Really Over for the second song on SNL tonight but ‘not the way we know it’, so I’m assuming it’ll be acoustic.
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  4. Mushroom hats! Queen of drugs!
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  5. upload_2022-1-30_0-26-15.png
    Queen of phalluses! Gay rights!!!
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  6. Never Really Over was done pretty well. The end was sort of abrupt and seemed a little off, but it was nice arrangement.

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  7. I'm glad she's embracing 'Never Really Over' as her best song. Perform it everywhere Mum
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  8. Flying Alesso in just so he could rest his hands on the top of a giant fiberglass mushroom and pretend he's mixing live is so funny to me jkdfljdl
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  9. The red outfit is a look.
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  10. I feared the worst when I saw "acoustic" but Never Really Over was brilliant. You could see she was in her bag. I loved its transformation into basically a One of the Boys deep cut. The vocals got really strong as it went on as well.

    The choreo on When I'm Gone was hot too. Mom did so good.
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  11. I love how much she's thriving right now.
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  12. I agree!
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  13. Katy’s vocals over the last couple of years have really improved. Especially since the Smile era kicked off.

    In the past I used to fear for her before live performances but now she’s consistently good. She even seems more comfortable and at ease with her voice.

    She must’ve had training. And it’s something not a lot of artists are willing to do so good for her. She’s thriving.
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  14. I think she's just relaxed more, isn't thinking 'omg my album sales rely on this', there's no pressure so she's just enjoying it more which leads to better performances.
  15. That makes sense. She did say the pressure lifted once her decline happened. It can’t have been healthy for her at her peak so at least she’s in a better place.
  16. I'd love if they reworked the little acoustic section from her show into something similar to what she did on SNL last night. That's a great look.
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  17. I'm still wondering if she isn't going to do some sort of acoustic show in Vegas, similar to Gaga's Jazz show. I know that was a fan rumor a while back, but when she was promoting Play she did have a little throwaway comment where she said something like "I'm only doing one and a half slow songs. No acoustic songs, thats coming later". And it is weird that she repeatedly said "its my most streamed songs!" and then ignored The One That Got Away and Unconditionally, which are consistently in her top 10 on Spotify, and Harleys In Hawaii which is the closest thing she's had to a viral hit. So I wonder if they're being saved for something else.
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  18. When Im Gone really pops live and I love how much she's into the choreo. Never Really Over was cute although I did find the belting a bit much from the middle onwards.
  19. So impressed with her SNL performances and the general energy she has at this moment of her career. She's never sounded/looked better.
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