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Katy Perry - 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Nov 30, 2021.

  1. Katy's biggest issue has been her refusal to grow up and mature her image when her very loose and undedicated fanbase did many years ago.

    Kiddy humor was fun and marketable in 2010, but a few of my grade fours know what fisting is so that cutesy angle is lost on anyone that isn't fresh from the womb at this point.
  2. Oh wow.

  3. Why are we still analysing her success fff We're just about at that point of the discussion when a certain someone comes in and decries the 'for all her faults Katy Perry is always herself' so I beg you Mother, release something ANYTHING to stop it.
  4. Fisting in a Katy Perry thread, a new era really is coming.

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  5. This thread…
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  6. I’m not bothered her last album flopped, I’m bothered that it was bad.
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  7. It was actually not.
  8. Fisty the clowns impact.
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  9. Smile always felt soulless to me, and I’m a big Katy fan. Right now I’d love for her to do some kind of acoustic/guitar/light country album a la Golden Hour (sonically, at least). Her CMT performances with Kacey are probably the best she’s sounded.
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  10. I also think Smile is a bad album and totally agree with the critics. It's bland pop that just doesn't cut it amidst what's out there. Harleys Is Hawaii is great though and Never Really Over is pretty good.

    Katy has an impressive singles discography, but her albums are not it. There's no vision to them, no real attempt at a meaningful body of work. Just a bunch of songs of varying quality thrown onto a tracklist. If she would have leaned into what she did on Chained To The Rhythm, she could have had something, but then she just threw a bunch of mediocre songs onto Witness that didn't follow through on that. It's just always the same drill with her.
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  11. It seems like Teenage Dream will forever be her opus. A true pop masterpiece. Though Katy Perry is an artist I find to constantly be shooting herself in the foot. She's just become so cringe.
  12. Never Really Over is still one of the best pop songs of the last few years. The first four tracks on Smile were all great as were Harleys in Hawaii and Only Love, that’s half the album of 9s/10s/11s.
  13. I’ve never bought into the narrative - one she’s said herself, and one people latch on to, that she somehow lost it or the knack for writing hits. All of her albums are uneven, and even her big flop was followed by a worldwide tour. Not everyone has that. But the culturati move quickly, and if anything, the reason for her lack of cache is because she’s drained the drama and excitement out of her persona (doing a past-it Idol, shoe line, stuck in Vegas when everyone’s doing virtual concerts or getting back on the road). She can still write a smash in her sleep.
  14. Smile feels like her most """"solid"""" effort in a way that nothing in there is truly diabolical like some of her album tracks (maybe ignoring Resilient) in general, but it's also missing some bigger highlights. Yeah yeah Never Really Over is good but it doesn't help that it was a standalone for months with the "album? lol" shenanigans. It's on the same level as Prism, just missing the smash hits.

    But it also shows some progress and sounds the can explore and make her new path. "Only Love" is gorgeous, so is "Daisies". "Tucked" is a great pop record, same level as Never Really Over. "Champagne Problems" and "Teary Eyes" might be a liiiittle faceless, but they're interesting points.

    The main issue is probably "Lol she's Katy Perry!! That's all she can be" then... people are not here for her anymore. Don't wanna be harsh or anything, but I also don't think she's really inside such a tiny box that we already saw everything that Katy Perry is. But then she also needs to move on and show something new. I really feel she wanted something like that with Witness, but everything went downhill from Bon Appetit beyond. Swish Swish and Hey Hey Hey... ew. Sadly, "Play" doesn't hint that she's willing to show something new and it's pretty much leaning into "well yeah dance to this old shit"
  15. I'd argue the only major dark spot is "Not the End of the World," and that's just because it's pretty boring. Everything else is incredibly solid--yes, even "Resilient!"
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  16. I was stuck between mentioning both dd. But "Not the End of the World" feels like a retreat that could ocasionally please people.

    Resilient feels like... something she tried.
  17. I wish Katy would go more rock on her next album - especially with the recent success of that genre with other female artists. The first album was great and that type of music suits her voice.
  18. I just wish she had the drive and ambition for a Gaga/Mariah style comeback. After Witness she seemed to develop a defeatist attitude and accepted that her time at the top was over. I know she's talked about how freeing it is to not have that pressure anymore, but having just one more smash/successful era would really solidify her brand for good
  19. I think we need a few more years for her to become sick of sittin' on Idol then she'll do the whole "I'm leaving to focus on my artistry xx" schtick. At the moment she seems really comfortable with how her life is set up and I don't foresee any major changes/risks.
  20. Tucked is a perfect little pop song.
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