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Katy Perry - 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Nov 30, 2021.

  1. This whole package is so underrated. The video is so striking and also strangely moving ddd
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  3. As if there weren't enough reminders of how regressive, idiotic and misogynistic the world is, you still just know that the next time we burry a famous woman who cut her hair short, changing her "signature look" is surely right around the corner. Ugh. I-
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  4. I am so perched for When I'm Gone.

    And I am absolutely living for all the Tucked love, it was such a standout.
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  5. Chuckled a bit too hard at her posting the song on Tiktok with the caption ‘did you say W.I.G.?’
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  6. Bon Appetit came on shuffle and the new Dolby Atmos version is lowkey making me ascend.
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  7. The Youtube comments made me so happy. Everyone confirms the video and the song is perfect and timeless, which I agree.
  8. I’ve obviously seen the video before, but I still teared up watching it again now. I’m fragile, OK?
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  9. A song from the Smile sessions called "I Go to Sleep" just leaked.
  10. I Go to Sleep is lovely. It reminds me of something from One of the Boys, like Lost.

    But what the KatyCats really need is Save Me Some Tonight.
  11. Listening to the Dolby Atmos version of the Teenage Dream album. It’s cool to hear all of the layers so distinctly. It gives everything a more immersive, almost live show feel.
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  12. I just heard "I Go to Sleep" and it's gorgeous. I knew in the first 15 seconds that I'd love it.
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    LOVE the 365 stanning - she’s an actress.
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  14. Not Like The Movies sounds sooo much better in Dolby Atmos. I always thought the mastering on that was really bad and sounded crushed. But Teenage Dream, E.T and Circle The Drain are also massively improved with it.
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  15. The “repeating the middle-eight as an outro” trope is almost always bulletproof (see: ‘Break Up Song’, ‘Overprotected’) but it really deserves its props for elevating ‘365’ to one of her best.
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  16. Those mournful male (?) backing vocals on the post-chorus are such a beautiful touch, too. Really take the song to a higher place.
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  17. When I'm Gone is out tonight! Only 9ish hours to go!

    Katy releasing a new bop. Bonnie's Epic album leaking. I have been well fed this December.
  18. Capital B Bop. It could have used another run of “me on top of you…” at the end of the track for me, but I’m bopping x
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