Katy Perry - 6th Album


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I still kind of hate This Moment. Love Me is cute and It Takes Two grew on me.

Spiritual remains my favorite song in her discography and I’d love for her to explore that soundscape more.
I'm not judging her for doing the Coronation to be honest. From her end it's obviously an iffy judgment call (although she has them all the time) but from a PR perspective she hasn't had any sort of presence in the UK for six years. At least she has American Idol and Vegas keeping her profile ticking over in the states. She's always been well liked here so I see it as an opportunity to remind people she's alive. Use them for that free exposure Kathryn!

Also I'm thinking of the Manchester charity concert where she came out unexpectedly as the best performance of the night. Bring that energy.
She’s just so out of touch and I’ve got major ick about this. Fuck the monarchy and anyone who supports them. Just gross maybe it’s really over for me.
I agree with this entirely. But, from Katy’s point of view, it sadly makes good business sense. It’ll be a decent pay check, which she all know she enjoys (American Idol???) and it’ll get her brand out there.

It’s been almost a decade since her last #1 hit in the US and more than 6 years since she last troubled the top 10. Coupled with the supposedly sluggish sales of her Vegas residency - she could do with the mass exposure.

Realistically I don’t see it don’t much to help her out with any future new releases - she’s very much a nostalgia act now. Might a positive spin in people’s minds if she announces a tour in the next year or so I guess.
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I don't know how long she'll get for her set, but Roar and Firework seem like certs for her to perform, maybe Never Really Over and Daisies too?