Katy Perry - 6th Album

Janet will be an A-List no matter what she is a Jackson for fuck sake!!! Katy Perry though is also that high and it's ridiculous to claim otherwise, come on now.
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and she's not ready to be retired as a relevant popstar already.
Tell that to her string of flop singles and albums…

Katy, whilst incredibly successful, never built a solid following for herself. She relied on being the GP’s favourite artist of the moment. That in itself gave her time as a relevant pop star a shelf life.
I'm sorry but I'm still absolutely reeling from that post. Katy Perry has countless No.1s, has some of the most iconic pop songs of the 21st Century, has sold millions of albums across the world, has gone on three worldwide arena tours (one of which being during the much vaunted flop era) that have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars, has been doing a Vegas residency for two years - which I would have thought that user of all people would use as a sign as a healthy career - and is able to live purely on name recognition at this point. She will live comfortably off royalties from writing some of radio's biggest ever hits for the rest of her life. Putting her with the likes of fucking Kim Petras, Meghan Trainor, and Bebe Rexha is the height of delusion. Embarrassing!
Just in case anyone missed me and the tea.
Please, let’s not pretend Katy isn’t a big name. She has done enough to guarantee so regardless of what she does now/in the future.
Just watched her performance and both songs felt huge? I don’t understand why anyone would try to diminish that, certainly not worthy of calling her b-list at capital.

I’ve never understood why she can’t find a way to make Firework fit her vocal range. Surely lower the key, especially as her vocals matured that seems logical. I get that the verses would end up being too low but if she lowers the key enough she could do the verses in a higher octave and continue with that into the chorus. But fair play to her for sticking with it, I wouldn’t. When she switches to the harmony melody for the second half of the chorus I can literally feel how much her throat must close up so the harmony melody definitely helps her recover enough to belt again. But seriously, she needs to look after her voice. She certainly shouldn’t be singing it like that on tour or in Vegas.
I like her a lot after seeing her on Idol. You get to see her personality more but with guard rails ddd. If it’s good enough Lionel it’s good enough for her - it’s hardly X Factor USA and that had Britney?
austinpowers.gif    %22Who do we have for King Charles%27 coronation

"Who do we have for King Charles' coronation?"
"we have Katy Perry"
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