Katy Perry - 6th Album

These are probably the best performances of it:

She belts the chorus on the studio recording but then always does the head voice when she sings it live and I think these performances benefit from being acoustic.

I am surprised how enduring this song is for her. It felt like a hit in the moment, but sort of a lesser hit for her standards, so it's interesting to me that it's pretty regularly one of her most streamed.
I've found myself thinking of Katy and the potential for her comeback a lot recently, because she's in such a unique spot, that I'm really eager to see how her team handles it. Her recurrent streams are strong (both Firework and Last Friday Night has their biggest streaming days ever on Spotify on NYE), and I feel like there's been a lot of discourse around how odd it is that her pop career has basically vanished. She may not have the direhard fanbase that some pop girls have, but there's an entire generation that grew up on her music and would be drawn back in with the right hype + single choices.

I think there's a real possibility that, if she plays her cards right, she could have a pretty huge year. I just don't know if her team/label know how to market her anymore.