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Katy Perry - Daisies + 5th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. If the Katy's Daises bouquets were indeed the tracklist, then Champagne Problems is track #8.

    Can't tell which one What Makes A Woman is, but I'd guess track #12?
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  2. I believe @Laura Vanderbooben is the one that discovered this and it was through a site with some legitimacy but now I can't remember? I would assume it was scrapped because they saw diminishing returns with Birthday and This Is How We Do. The album had already done well so maybe they just figured there was no reason to keep going? They should have. It would have been smart to have kept pushing Prism through the end of 2014 and into the Super Bowl.
  3. Yeah, it was on Max Martin’s Maratone website.
  4. Dd yeah Max's official website had it listed. I discovered it when I was doing research for the Max rate I ran. I remember immediately googling it and there was literally nothing about it anywhere.


    MTV even picked up my scoop and ran an article without credit! Fuck you MTV!
  5. I’m surprised they backed out with that because it’s the same team that released like 657 singles the previous era, rerelease included. They could’ve re-released the album with that feature along with a few cute tracks to coincide with the Super Bowl.
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  6. Yeah it’s real. The New Yorker did a profile on Dr. Luke back then and the journalist reported how Katy called Luke to tell him to get the track ready for Drake because he agreed to record a verse.
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  7. That pride video made me choke up!
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  8. Yeah I think it's a bit late now.
  9. Ari


    "Cause baby all we've got, is Champagne Problems now"
    Surprised she kept this track on the album over others, but I guess it's more fitting alongside the other tracks, it's catchy but nothing special.
  10. The first song on that livestream is a TERRIBLE stripped down version of Rise, boot
  11. Ari


    Describe what makes a woman, and that's what makes a woman, to me.

    Cute and mid-tempo, wouldn't say it's a ballad but a perfect closure to any album.
  12. Not a PopHatesFags discord link in the sig...
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  13. Daisies is... growing on me, simply because it plays at my job so regularly. It's an earworm for sure but not at all what I want from her, especially when she was so spot on with the Never Really Over launch.

    If the song that leaked as Smile doesn't change then the drop in quality of her title tracks is... astounding actually. One of the Boys/Teenage Dream/Witness are all bona fide great songs that deliver mission statements that are often unable to be lived up to by the rest of their native albums (apart from Teenage Dream, but even then it's the best song on the album).
  14. "Astounding" drop in quality? The melodrama of that statement!

    In factual news, that version of Rise is better than the studio version and I'm amazed at how many of these intimate, physically distanced performances she's done. All while pregnant.
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  15. I'm not sure why I've seen so many of you underwhelmed by Smile. It sounds like a classic Katy Perry song. I think if it had been the follow up to Never Really Over last summer this album probably would have stood a much better chance at dropping last fall.
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  16. I wish she would forget about Rise's existence the way everyone else does.
  17. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    We already discussed this during the 2-month stretch that Dua performed Don't Start Now 15 times, but traditional promo still has so many benefits to it. The more she promotes it, the more I want to listen to it, and the more I listen to it, the more I love it. It's genuinely so refreshing to have these types of campaigns where the entire era's promo doesn't just boil down to a video and placements on Spotify playlists.

    Major props to her for the remix and its video, they're an absolute blast. The fact that she's pulling all of this off during the pandemic, on her fifth album campaign no less, is even more impressive.
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  18. Glad to see she's still wheeling out the Witness version of California Girls, just perform that version from here on out.
  19. That Daisies remix, we have to stan. The song has really grown on me and it's up there with her her best--it's not as incredible as Never Really Over, but it's still great.

    Does the remix sample Seek Bromance or Fade Into Darkness? Some of the piano bits are very similar.
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