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Katy Perry - Daisies + 5th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. If sis doesn’t put this on streaming
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  2. Wow. She did that!
  3. Late, but this mix is brilliant! The bridge just reminds you what a catalog of pop classics she has. Too bad she paid Teenage Dream and Roar some dust here!
  4. Even though I'm not a massive Swish Swish or Peacock fan, I think the choices in the megamix are perfect, they fit so well for the campy pride theme and honestly I need it on streaming.
  5. I just popped on to ask this...
  6. It's the same situation as Dua Lipa's work out video. They won't bother getting the approval of all the songwriters involved in the megamix.
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  7. The Oliver Heldens remix on streaming has the studio vocals, (I've used it in a mix myself), so I don't know where/why these new live vocals were added to it. Not bad though.
  8. Do they not need the approval to put it on an official YouTube channel?
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  9. The way I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for Daisies since the remix & Pride video dropped.

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  10. Yes and with this iconic and timeless holiday classic!
  11. Agreed. Even a Kathryn HATER like myself knows these are bops
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  12. YouTube uses their own proprietary mechanical royalty system that splits revenue automatically without approval (since anyone can upload mashups and remixes on YouTube). Spotify & Apple Music uses the ‘classic’ approach.
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  13. Maybe this year will be it’s full release, it still sounds like a bonafide hit.
  14. I have just caught up everything she has been doing since Daisies and yeah, i love her.
  15. Literally me after I ordered the mask+album bundle and the onesie...
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  16. What Makes A Woman is a significantly better album title than Smile.
  17. Kinda thought Firework would’ve been an obvious choice for the middle 8, considering it’s for Pride. But cute for a few album tracks to get a nod.
  18. Why don't they just call it Grateful? That's the main hook!
  19. She says "grateful" once in the chorus. She and Diddy say "smile" repeatedly.
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