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Katy Perry - Daisies + 5th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Hopefully we are gonna see a pre-order and title song drop at the same time.
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  2. She said the album title and "maybe more songs" were coming soon, so getting Smile with the pre-order seems likely (especially since its been on the internet for 2 months).
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  3. I've abstained from Smile so I can't wait to hear it + I will pre-order whatever Limited Super Deluxe vinyl she throws at me.
  4. From matching the lyrics on the website to the song titles that have been revealed and teased, so far we have:

    1. Never Really Over
    4. Daisies
    5. Resilient
    6. Teary Eyes
    7. Smile (feat. Diddy)
    8. Champagne Problems
    10. Harleys in Hawaii
    11. Only Love
    12. What Makes a Woman

    I know there was whispers of the pre-order being out this Friday, so hopefully this still on track.
  5. Katy is one of the few artists who has never let me down in terms of music. All her albums have enough killer tracks to make them worthwhile and even her filler tracks would rank above some other acts better songs.

    Daisies is SOTY level goodness.
  6. Why was this uploaded to her channel today ddddd

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  7. I'm dead at this comment on the video:
  8. Oh, I’m glad Harleys made the cut along with Never Really Over. They both fit great alongside Daisies in my opinion.
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  9. Wait the acoustic 'Daisies' really is gorgeous.

  10. SCREAMING at this Maroon 5 shade.
  11. Further confirmation that Never Really Grammy has a home on the album.

  12. I've been thinking for a while that - since traditional greatest hits album are dead - a greatest hits type album where she reimagines them as acoustic tracks would be a really smart idea. It'd be great to have studio versions of her acoustic renditions of Part of Me, Unconditionally, Firework, and since individual acoustic tracks of Thinking of You and The One That Got Away already exist, I'd love a studio recording of the mashup from the Prismatic Tour. Some obviously won't translate - no ones looking for This Is How We Do (Acoustic). But might be a fun idea and it would be a good precursor to the full acoustic studio album she wants to do someday.
  13. I'm sure it wouldn't be particularly popular on here, but I'd be very much here for it.

    Although speak for yourself, because This Is How We Do (Acoustic) sounds lit to me.
  14. I've been saying this since those unofficial Prism acoustic mixes! 'Dark Horse' is particularly good.


    Also how do I embed because this BOPS

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  15. The way I went from being mostly indifferent to Daisies to having it on repeat after the micromix on repeat... where my british cigarette bellis perennis at?
  16. Aww, what a great little rendition. Love how she tackled the chorus, and the added vocal parts made it feel like a grandiose campfire singalong.

    The feats of the Daisies campaign cannot be overstated.

    ...however, I could also use a new song or two. Bring on the pre-order so this thread can move into Cover Art discourse.
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