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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lost Boy, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. Having not been here during the Witness era, I was wondering what the general consensus was on Pendulum. For me, it's top 3 on the album. It has that real Katy feel to it and the choir in it kicks it up a notch.
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  2. It’s my favourite song on Witness and I wish she followed that sonic soundscape more across the album.

    Jeff Bahsker + pop girl always delivers anyway.
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  3. We are rating her discography next week so you'll find out soon.
  4. I've been told of rates, it sounds like something I should invest in.
  5. Choose Your Battles is one of her best tracks. Like the fact that it is shoved into the deluxe version like that... worms
  6. I was hoping for an album of that sound in the 2015-2016 period. Joke was on me!
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  7. Certainly. Great melody with a strong lyric too.
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  8. I'm listening to Prism for the first time in ages and the second, mid-tempo half is surprisingly strong. 'Grown-up Katy Perry' at her best. This especially stands out for me, very Ray of Light.

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  9. Ive been listening to Daises (Oliver Heldens Mix) because I'm a basic bitch- and it's got me thinking: what other Katy remixes are excellent? Do you folks have any recommendations?
  10. The Teenage Dream era had quite a few good ones. The One That Got Away by Plastic Plates and Teenage Dream by Vandalism Le Pop
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  11. Its basic but i still bop to the Dave Aude remix of E.T
  12. Part of Me Jacques Lu Cont remix is forever my fave remix of hers.
    A Journey.
  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I low key screamed at "and has a couple of total duds" ddd
  14. The fact the duds doubled with each album that came after.
  15. Sometimes I forget how amazing Hummingbird Heartbeat is. A great "double feature" with Never Really Over.
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  16. “Wide Awake” should’ve gone to No. 1.
  17. Making out that ET is a bad song...worms...
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