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Katy Perry - Harleys In Hawaii + 5th Book

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. It takes less than a minute to un-schedule stuff in Tweetdeck/SocialNewsDesk/Hootsuite. It's actually more concerning that people on her team are paying this little attention to her feeds, especially after sexual misconduct allegations and the release of a new single BUT I digress
  2. for business or for.... ensics?
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. I literally love wasting my battery reading this forum!

    NOTHING is as entertaining.

    I love you all.
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  5. I've seen all of The Good Wife and half of The Good Fight, which is basically the same as passing the Bar.
  6. Okay but finish watching The Good Fight because it’s far superior to The Good Wife
  7. Watching Season 2, Episode 6 as I type. Get Katy to collaborate with Diane Lockhart to resurrect the era.
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  8. I feel like Annalise Keating might be a better fit for her
  9. This is a reminder to stream Straight Talk by Dolly Parton, because she has her own theme park. Katy Perry doesn't even have a real theme park; only that fake one from Chained to the Rhythm.
  10. BTG


    This has unfortunate connotations.

    I know she has a single to promote but are her team truly this inept? At least review the damn scheduled tweets in light of the allegations. Do something.
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  11. In season 3, Diane is involved in a plot to get an apolitical country-pop star to denounce Trump and the alt-right. Imagine what she'd do for Katy.
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  12. Was totally expecting a bloodbath in the replies section of her twitter. How widespread is this controversy at the moment? Genuinely asking because I’ve only read about this on music forums and any mainstream media I’ve read this on has been due to links stans have shared.

    If it’s all tame right now I wonder how long before it blows up, in an inescapable way that is. What will be the catalyst
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  13. Someone at my job mentioned it. I also follow people on twitter that dont follow pop culture but have retweeted/quoted the TMZ article. It's not as "lowkey" as her fans are wanting it to be. Also a lot of people are in her IG comments asking her to release a statement. Even if it does die down a bit it will still resurface again if she continues to stay silent and it looks like Josh wont stop until Katy releases a statement.
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  14. It’s becoming clear that she has no plans on saying anything, which is disappointing, since I expected more out of her post-Witness. I guess that’s on me, though.
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  15. The tone of this thread the first day or so after this news broke felt appropriate. People were disappointed in her and hoped she would address it and go forward. That was a perfectly reasonable reaction to me. But over the last day or so I've gotten a little confused by some of you, in particular the hypocrisy that this event as brought out.

    I completely understand the disappointment in her not saying anything, but I'm sort of confused by people who said they wouldn't feel right supporting her future projects if she doesn't. Mariah Carey has been accused of sexually harassing employees twice (the first time at the height of the Me Too movement). I just looked at her threads, and her accusers were promptly called liars and nobody suggested they could not support Caution because of it. A lot of the names of people in here who are incensed that Katy has not said anything appear all over the Caution thread. Mariah's accusers were victims too, yes? Mariah's accusers must be believed as well, yes? Britney Spears was also accused of sexually harassing a former bodyguard. This happened before our culture was more enlightened on this topic, but nonetheless she has never addressed it and none of you will stop supporting her because of it. Lady Gaga recorded and promoted a song with a known child rapist, and while many of you expressed your discomfort over it, I guarantee not a single one of you had trouble supporting her projects in the 7 years it took her to address it (and she initially chose to not address it when asked by the producers before the series aired).

    I'm not asking anybody to not feel for him or to give her a free pass. If you truly can't bring yourself to stream another song of hers until she says something, that's your prerogative. But I do wish she would not be held to a standard that other pop stars are not being held to. She owes him an apology. She doesn't owe any of you one. When I saw someone say they would only consider supporting her in the future if she apologized and if her apology met their satisfaction, I could not get over how... weirdly entitled it sounded? You're not the person the apology has to satisfy. None of you were on the receiving end of this. HE was.

    And I feel like now I'm going to be the bad guy here, but I don't think anything I've written here is out of line?
  16. I never saw anyone say they were going to cancel her or stop listening to her music, unless there were more posts deleted?
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Can we please not start with the whataboutisms?
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  19. Why the need to always bring up other artists whenever you defend your fave though...
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  20. I'm just disappointed that is all, I expected more of her. I've still been listening to the choonz.
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