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Katy Perry - Never Really Over + 5th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. I finally have the chorus down and it's possibly the proudest I've been of myself in a long time. What a track.
  2. Just like Katheryn this is your best work yet!
  3. It's weird that it dropped on Spotify global with 2.5m streams vs 2.7m on Friday (5.2m total), because on her artist page on Spotify the song is top 5 already with 6.4m streams. So what's the truth???
  4. RJF


  5. Me. My fault. Nonstop streams
  6. Holding up really well, I'm impressed!

    And for what it's worth, it still irks me that Birthday wasn't a hit when its inferior sister Sugar by Maroon 5 was.


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  8. I’m glad she’s headed for another Top 20. Now stop the bullshit being glib about an album and give us details.
  9. I really like Never Really Over. It would slot nicely on Carly's new album. It's super cute.
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  10. Listening to her discography in order again and haven’t put One of the Boys on it years. After all the “masterpiece” talk here I put it on and I don’t know how anyone can love it nowadays with all the awful takes in has? The messaging is just so woefully out of date across the board that it’s saving grace is that it houses some great singles and some aural moments we haven’t revisited again but like... ugh. I get why it never fully gelled with me at the time, looking back.
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  11. One of the Boys is garbage aside from the singles.
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  12. It's her best album in my book.
  13. I take the singles + "If You Can Afford Me" from One Of The Boys. The rest is unbearable either for the melody, the lyrics, the delivery or all three.

    Edit: I don't consider Ur So Gay a single, that one can choke too.
  14. The affectation she had in those early days is what really doesn't work for me on One of the Boys. The singles are all incredible (if slightly problematic, looking @ u Ur So Gay/I Kissed A Girl) though
  15. I'm so glad this is doing so well straight out of the gate. I thought it might take a while to build up, but it's looking really positive so far, and should hopefully help with radio.

    Now announce an album, pls.
  16. This had me watching recent live compilations and I think her voice has improved a lot. She sounds more confident and willing to belt things. Even if it's a little shouty, it matches the energy of her songs now. I'm even more curious to hear how she does this one live. Especially want to hear her do all of the adlibs from the bridge.
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  17. One of the Boys, If You Can Afford Me, Self Inflicted and Fingerprints all pop tf off tibb
  18. It's 11 years old. Most of it even older than that because it was recorded when she was still at Columbia. Of course you're not going to find the worlds most modern messages on an album recorded by a 20 year old in 2006.

    That said, One of the Boys is my least favorite of her albums as well. The bones of the songs are there, but most of them still sound like demos - I suspect because she couldn't afford the right people to gloss them up. Still, the 4 singles and If You Can Afford Me are excellent.
  19. I wonder if Katy’s being deliberately quiet about whether there’s an album to follow because of her chatter about making “purposeful pop” ahead of Witness plagued much of the campaign?? She claimed one thing and delivered another.

    I’d personally like there to be an album as Never Really Over deserves a proper home.
  20. @Drew where is that post of yours I need to quote it
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