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Katy Perry - Never Really Over + 5th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. It really is shocking how much better the lyric video is than the actual video.

    I still stan Miss Goldie though.
  2. I can't get over this song blatantly reusing melodies from "Tik Tok" and "California Gurls."
  3. All of the music from that era can literally be blended into one mix
  4. I strongly thought/still think that Birthday could've ended up a classic, like an I Wanna Dance With Somebody/Holiday/Uptown Funk feel good song that gets everyone on the dancefloor at every wedding, party, barbecue...
  5. It just makes Sugar's massive success in that regard even more annoying.

  6. Still a confusing jam
  7. Teenage Dream
    Thinking of You
    Wide Awake
    Never Really Over
  8. I deleted Grow A Pear mid first listen.
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  9. I still bop to Grow A Pear, but fully recognize it’s problemtaic trash.
  10. The lyric video still has 4x the views of the official one, and rightly so.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Birthday still remains my favourite single from PRISM and the Cash Cash remix is absolutely glorious.
  13. Hard to rank her singles, but Dark Horse is probably my fave. Never Really Over, Teenage Dream, Part of Me, Wide Awake, Roar, Chained To The Rhythm (and Swish Swish ddd) are all up there for me.

    I'm one of the only people who likes Rise.

    Both her early features are bops and I can confirm they still pop all the way off at pre-drinks.
  14. *GASP*


    Oh...this is fine.
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  15. If I have to chose one single from each album:

    Waking Up In Vegas
    Chained To The Rhythm
  16. I legit had it on repeat for about 6 hours when I first heard it. It and Drunk In Love are my go-to dark and moody bops.
  17. "Dark Horse" is amazing! "I'm capable of anything...and everything."
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  18. All of her singles are not good except for Teenage Dream, Waking Up In Vegas, Chained, and Never Really Over, honestly.
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  19. These are all amazing, but the rest not being good?

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  20. Teenage Dream
    Thinking of You
    Wide Awake
    Bon Appétit
    Waking Up in Vegas
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