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Katy Perry - Never Really Over + 5th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. @Rhombus attempting to do anything after logging into forum.popjustice.com

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  2. R92


    I’m so glad Ava is talking about t h e m u s i c~
  3. More clownery from the moderating side of things and Ava showing her ass? A dumpster fire.
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  4. I don't think this non qualified lawyer is in a position to pass judgement on what is and isn't similar.
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  5. The irony of Ava Max being this concerned over a plagiarism lawsuit asdhdkhakdjdha she must be hearing footsteps
  6. Also, isn't Cirkut her boyfriend? I can smell the bias from here.
  7. Ava Max, the Internet Explorer of pop music.
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  8. Alright, but low key Ava is right. If anything Dark Horse and that rap song both rip off Moments In Love.
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Go away doesn't seem like a mature response in any context.
  10. There’s your gurl @RJF
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  11. Taylor’s chaotic energy spreading to this thread feels...poetic
  12. Rhomberidge Farms remembers.
  13. Whew...that escalated quickly
  14. As a working forensic patholog, I wish you get expelled from that university cause I despise everytime I have to work a shithead, know it all law school graduate like you and feel so bad for the victims.

    That is all.
  15. The Liam Keegan bootleg remix of “Small Talk” is actually pretty great? It sounds like Radio 1. Her voice sits really well on top of hard house pianos (see also “Walking On Air”).
  16. And through all of this Kylie has remained unproblematic perfection.

  17. Who is talking about Kylie?
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  18. Louise stans.
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  19. Fuck. It's not even 9am.
  20. OH MY GOD
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