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Katy Perry - PLAY (Vegas Residency)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 12, 2021.

  1. OK, but “Part of Me” is an indelible classic.
  2. This legitimately looks like it will be so much fun, let’s all score some cheap hotel rooms since Vegas is still struggling a bitsy and go!
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  3. Part of Me is by far her worst single and there is absolutely no competition. A wasted slot.
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  4. That setlist is 97% smashes so it's tough to complain, but the last few tracks feel... odd, especially for what should be the shows climax. Smile?! A Whitney cover? Weird way cap things off. I'd be tempted to leave as soon as Smile started knowing that Roar, Firework, and an American Idol audition moment are all that's left...
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  5. Agreed the end of the show is strange. Surely Teenage Dream / Hot & Cold / California Gurls / Firework would’ve made more sense and a huge run of bops to end.
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  6. Opening with ET is not what I expected, and I don’t really think she needed Not the End of the World, Smile or the Greatest Love of All over some of the hits mentioned here.

    But I suppose she can cycle tracks in and out, and the idea of When I’m Gone and Walking on Air mashup is already iconic.
  7. She is so annoying djlksdaljk;ds
  8. This makes absolutely no sense to me in a world with "Roar," Rise," etc.
  9. And also Ur So Gay. Yup, Part of Me is worse than all of them!
  10. Oh so we're just telling outright lies now
  11. Part of Me is one of her best singles if you ignore the Raytheon sponsored video.
  12. Goodbye
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  13. Ick, that military popaganda leaves such a bad taste. The song itself is a triumphant rush in the way that a lot of good Max Martin and Dr. Luke tracks are. And that chorus is undeniable.
  14. Where is Roulette btw? If we want deep cuts.
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  15. Set list gripes aside, the army men make it way too “Toy Story”; also wondering why the toilet and armchair have no discernible character; they’re just…bigger. The prop color palette is a little brash too.

    Otherwise “Perry Playland” is the best BPG Vegas concept.
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  16. Part of Me is so damn grating with the repetition in the chorus. That said, it isn't touching Smile's title track which is her worst single, Firework aside.
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  17. I'm guessing since its paired with Lost and Wide Awake, Part of Me is getting the acoustic treatment which is mostly how she's performed it the last few years.

    Smile (the song) probably is pretty recognizable due to the Target commercial, but I wouldn't have included it over the Prism tracks. I'm worried she's bought into this misleading idea that Unconditionally, Birthday, and This Is How We Do were flops. They weren't. Most of her peers would have loved to have had a 5th single off their album that peaked at #24 and has a billion streams across platforms. Ignoring those singles to include a Whitney cover and Not the End of the World (which is already redundant since she's performing Dark Horse ahead of it)? No m'am.

    That said, this is all nitpicky. This setlist is largely jam packed with some of the biggest hits of the last decade. Thats a huge achievement. She can perform her ode to the children of the future if she wants to.
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  18. I would've liked to have seen Harleys with her coming out in her best Gaga Heavy Metal Lover motorcycle drag.
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  19. Roar > Greatest Love > Firework is like a casual fans and general public wetdream. It sounds very banter with the audience, congratulating anniversaries and engagements section in a nice sequin gown.
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  20. The setlist is great minus a couple of blips. She has favourited a tweet saying “justice for Roulette” so I expect that to make an appearance before too long.
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