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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. I guess it's time for a new thread. She's in the studio with Greg Wells.
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  2. As someone who likes Katy as a person and appreciates her music for what it is... I genuinely don't know where she goes from here.

    Lyrically at least, I feel like she's given us everything she's... capable of giving.
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  3. She definitely needs to sit down with some different songwriting teams or something because like @Smooth Criminal pointed out there's not much else she can do especially if she just reheats the same shit and serves it up. She barely held on for Witness and I actually like a good chunk of it.
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  4. I know a lot of you want her to work with new people, but she needs to bring Bonnie McKee back.
  5. Get her in with Ariel Rechtshaid and do an album of breezy bop HAIM songs better than HAIM do.
  6. Katy's actually a writer who benefits from fewer cooks in the kitchen (See: Thinking of You, I'm Still Breathing, The One That Got Away).
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  7. Honestly, not trying to downplay her potential artistic aspirations but... just give me basic bops in a beautiful wrapping.
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  8. I’d love more Chained to the Rhythms. Lightly thoughtful but brilliantly produced and a great chorus.
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  9. She’s also working with Zedd, right?

    As we’ve learned from Witness and Prism, single choice is everything for Katy.
  10. She’s recorded with Zedd but they’ve said a collab might not see the light of day. But while she’s recording it would possibly be a nice idea if she got a basic bop hit while we wait.
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  11. I always assumed that the Zedd track was for his project.
  12. I’m always here for new Katy but she should look to what did well for her last time and either lean into it or go to an entirely different place. It’s the lyrics she needs to work on most really.
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  13. Judging by what we know so far, her label and her have already planned where she goes from here.

    I’m excited, I always love hearing new Katy music.
  14. Okay but lock her out of the studio, write her songs and get her to sing them.

    She can’t write anymore, she just can’t.
  15. She HAS to tone down the goofy and camp this time around (for real; enough already). She went way too far with both Witness & Prism and unfortunately it's turned a lot of people off.

    If she wants to continue doing silly songs/videos, fine, but don't make them the main singles. Release them later in the era or just do a promotional single/video to get it out of her system.

    Also, the single choices these past two eras have been awful with her and her team missing the mark so many times. Witness should have launched the album with Chained to the Rhythm following it. It would have had a better reception. Releasing This Is How We Do & Birthday over Legendary Lovers & Walking on Air was ridiculous.

    Teenage Dream & One of the Boys struck the perfect balance of both serious and silly/light-hearted (in my opinion) where you'd get Last Friday Night & California Gurls but then get Teenage Dream, Firework & The One That Got Away.

    In the current landscape, Rap & Hip-Hop are DOMINATING the charts and people just aren't here for dance-pop or goofy/campyness right now. Only way I could see it working for her is if she did more "Dark Horse" type songs or something more chill & breezy.

    I still think she has it in her to make a comeback in the charts and get more #1 smash hits. Hope this new era will bring her back on top where she belongs. Plus she has to break the double digit #1's (she currently has 9)

    ** Also, bring back the black hair (even if it's short, doesn't matter).
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  16. Perched for whatever direction she takes this era.
  17. She has the ability to deliver but she has shown us time and time again that she either doesn’t want to evolve or simply cannot. I guess we’ll see.
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  18. Get her back with just her guitar and work from there.
  19. Eh, this I disagree with. Walking On Air and Legendary Lovers would have been great singles, but that was an issue of the album needing more singles rather than picking the wrong ones. Birthday sounds like a smash and it should have been (and was when Maroon 5 released it under the title Sugar). This Is How We Do always seemed like an easy summer hit. And by the way - they both were hits. Not to the ridiculous standard she had set (9 consecutive top 3 hits was incredible and not sustainable) - but hits nonetheless.

    As for Witness - the 3 singles released were the most commercial options. I love the title track and it has one of the strongest choruses on the album, but I couldn't really hear radio playing it. She made an album that had no real place in 2017's top 40 and they picked the best options they had.
  20. Fair enough and I completely agree with Witness. She released that album a year or two too late (another problem of her's; glad it's looking like she's going to be releasing new music sooner rather than later).

    Bon Appetit and Chained to the Rhythm were excellent singles, just bad timing. I could see Witness being a hit. Just needed a bit of a remix or edit and it could have worked.

    Birthday could have done a lot better had it not had that awful music video holding it back. Shame that Legendary Lovers remix with Drake rumour wasn't true because that would have smashed. This Is How We Do did okay, was a hit, but just underwhelming compared to everything else she had released up to that point.
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