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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. I really don't see how being a singles artists is a "problem" or a bad thing in this pop landscape.

    The industry moved from album driven to singles driven years ago. Many artists can't even get their album released until they've dropped half the album as singles first.
  2. The shade thrown at Rita and Troye. Sneaky.
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  3. kii. No shade intended. It's just a fact of a singles driven industry. I love FIRO and Troye. It's actually a positive in many ways. I already know I'm going to love Phoenix because I've already heard half of it.
  4. I'm referring to the quality of her albums, not the release strategy. There have been many solid front to back pop albums in the last few years, but she released none.
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  5. I completely agree with this. Prism and Witness were mixed bags at best.

    That being said, mainstream pop albums are usually a mixed bag. I think that expecting multiple front-to-back solid pop albums from one pop star is silly. Most mainstream pop acts are lucky to have one solid, great from start-to-finish album in their career. Even pop acts that become icons like Madonna only have a few completely solid albums to their name.
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  6. Teenage Dream was solid though. That's precisely what I found so surprising after One Of The Boys which peaked and troughed all over the place.
  7. Chained is the best, most satisfying song + video package in Katy's canon.

    Bon Appétit's video is very accomplished but lets itself down with the killing spree at the end. It's supposed to be about female empowerment, so whoever decided to get pre-death reaction shots (not to mention an exploitative close-up of clothes being ripped off) solely from females is an imbecile.
  8. TV, henny...
  9. The Katy Perry show a bit like the Cher show would be a kiki actually. She has comedy chops but I don't always think the music vids are the best place to display this. Skits and live numbers with guests could be right up her street.
  10. Email this to her management now. Or a production company.

    HAS to happen.
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  11. No.

    Katy has 2 great albums (One of the Boys and Teenage dream) + a few good singles from other two.
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  12. Nine or 10 albums is just a “few?”
  13. Katys greatest hits will be a fucking great romp of an album.
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  14. I don't really know where she goes next but I'm one of the few that liked Hitless so I'm perched.
  15. We’re just in an era of authenticity across many mediums and her schtick feels too artifice. Her desire to be in on the joke, her sticking to Pop music and big visuals, etc.

    It’s cheesy and cringey in the lens of 2018.
  16. She was in the studio last night. I'm glad she's not taking a long break this time around. I'd bet we're getting the lead around Idol's finale.

  17. I saw this coming miles away after watching Prism barely get a Platinum certification after 2 mammoth hits backing it up. It is incredible how she is a pretty established singles artist and, even after scoring hit after hit, the public does not care about a Katy Perry album experience.

    If she wants a hit, another upbeat "I am a fighter/survivor" esque catchy song will do the trick, but I do believe she has to shift to other roads to remain well kwown. She is pretty capable of doing it and also, a creative and thoughtful individual, so, I do believe we haven't seen the best of her just yet.
  18. Remember the fake bitches who thought Chained to The Rhythm was anything but excellent when it dropped? Remember the flat out bizarre comparisons to Cheap Thrills? The entire thread is such a damn mess kii to reread.
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  19. I know the attempt here is to make it sound like she can't sell albums and how embarrassing for her, but in reality who was selling more albums than her? Adele, Beyonce, and Taylor. The sales for Teenage Dream and Prism are on par with or above most of her peers. Prism was the 6th biggest selling album of 2013 and the biggest by a woman. I don't want this to delve into some stan war bullshit, but Katy was actually outselling other artists that no one accuses of not being able to shift albums. Teenage Dream has sold over 6 million copies. Prism over 4 million. Thats nothing to sneeze at.
  20. Please for the love of god let's leave those in 2013.
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