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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Oh I really enjoy this, it’s a sweet, easy listen. Someone remarked how what we’ve come to expect from Katy Perry the pop star is so necessary in this time, and I couldn’t agree more. For all the slack the forum (rightfully) gives her at times for pushing her shtick a little too far at moments in her career, her lightheartedness is unique to her as an artist, and I’m glad she’s moved to a place of being unapologetic about that.
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  2. Oh I’m a dummy. I second guessed it because I thought it might be too morbid ddd.

    It's a beautiful lyric.
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  3. She's live on Amazon. She confirmed that the album is coming on August 14th.
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  4. Don’t tell me there are actual promo opportunities right now?
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  5. This Amazon stream keeps cutting out and I want to scream. This "Never Really Over" performance sounds fantastic!
  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm genuinely excited for the album. Daisies is exactly the lighthearted sentimental moment I wanted from her.
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  7. She just said she's going to use AR/VR on the Idol performance. Chromatica teas!

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  9. Well that... is what it means. Or more specifically "pushing up daisies" / the daisies growing from the ground that she's buried in rather than someone placing the flowers there.
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  10. It feels like a very organic progression for an artist like Katy Perry in 2020. Like, something about this really makes me feel emotional. It’s kind of like a breath of fresh air in bad times, and honestly between this and Never Really Over I’ve never liked her more than I do now. Smashed it.
  11. Walking On Air came on for me, the boppery.
  12. I know iTunes doesn't mean much nowadays, but it's her first song to reach #1 in the US since Rise in 2016.
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  13. RJF


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  14. I think this is pretty wonderful for multiple reasons, particularly because one of Katy’s greatest strengths at her best moments is the sense of genuine joy that comes through in her music. Count me in the group feeling quite moved by this given the abundance of uncertainty surrounding everyone and everything right now.

  15. First performance here. She sounds great as per.
  16. Whatever she did to get her voice in shape for Witness onwards... keep doing it, Katy.
  17. So had to run some errands and it’s one of those beautiful sunny days where you can just vibe with the windows down in the car and this is just a perfect song for the Spring I can’t even. They seriously got this so right this time.
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  18. This is cute with its easy breezy sunny mood but lead single material it’s not. The daisies repetition part is not pleasant to listen to at all and it’s the only part of the song that is memorable. Harleys in Hawaii was a much stronger single and it wasn’t even a lead. I don’t know Katy has lost me with her single choices for some time now.
  19. I like this. It's properly moody and pensive without being strained like all the "introspective" stuff on Witness.
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  20. BTG


    Ugh. This is lovely. Her voice is only getting stronger and fuller as she's aged.
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