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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Nobody:
    My braIn 24/7:


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  2. She's the queen of quarantine performances
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  3. WOW. Already better than the actual video.
  4. Picking the daisy from the grass - she truly is the queen of the literal
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  5. She did her first televised performance of her classic hit single 'Never Really Over' too.
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  6. Another fantastic quarantine performance. And this is why it's so important to invest in a good art direction, you can make beautiful moments out of a chair and a backdrop.

    On the other hand, her baby's gonna pop out in one of those high d̸̪̚͘ā̵͉̲i̴͍̘͝s̶̤͌̐í̶͖̙ẹ̵̚͜s̸̞̱͆.
  7. Transcendental!
  8. I updated my posts with the full performances, hopefully they don't get taken down / she uploads officially.

    Sis is doing a pretty good job with this roll out so far, but I really wish she'd get that album pre-order out, it would help with Daisies' momentum if she did.
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  9. All the dancing Katys on the Never Really Over chorus are SENDING ME
  10. These girls keep paying tribute to Shakira, we love to see it

  11. Full props to her and her team for being able to pull such a well put together promotional performance in the middle of a pandemic. The way that she's able to carry it all and keep it so engaging is a real testimony to her star power and just how far she's come as a performer. What a star.
  12. That 'Never Really Over' performance might be one of the best shes ever sounded?
  13. RJF


    Both performances are good. The vocals for "Never Really Over" were suspiciously... clean sounding, but it's a hard song to sing even when there isn't a baby inside you rearranging your vital organs and I'm not even sure. If it's a pre-rec, she keeps up the illusion very well.
  14. The more I listen do Daisies the more it sounds like a Taylor Swift song. On the other hand Never Really Over just gets better with time.
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  15. Oh, and she's releasing the MK remix of Daisies next Friday.
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  16. The Never Really Over performance, thats what we've been waiting for, thats what we wanted all along.
  17. It does look like she's lip-syncing (at least "Never Really Over"), but props to her for keeping up with these impressive performances while being 8 months pregnant.
  18. That lingering shot at 2:19 on "New Music Friday: Carly Rae Jepsen." Queen of promoting Dedicated Side B!
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  19. She definitely did a handful of takes for the performances and stuck with the best vocal takes and prettiest shots. You can see some jump cuts in her Daisies performance.

    I’d do the same though if I didn’t have to do it live! Get some truly unique performances out of it.
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