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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Very interested to see where the album debuts if this is how the singles are landing. Wish they could bundle it with an impending tour, but that's probably just wishful thinking considering her pregnancy. I'd actually be here for a Vegas residency at this point ddd.
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  2. The tracking week for sales and streams ends on Friday but the Radio tracking week ends on Sunday, which is why the Hot 100 doesn’t come out until Monday/Tuesday. But why don’t they just change the radio tracking to match the rest of the metrics, you ask? We just don’t know.
  3. Combining two metrics that run on different time scales. Counting what's played on a radio to begin with.

  4. I think we all know not to expect huge hit singles and big album sales. She's 35, her career was going to have a natural slow down anyway, she's currently several months pregnant, and we're in a pandemic. There's no reason to be perched at ChartData's twitter to find out where anything lands. We know it's not going to be stellar and thats ok. She's landed in a place in her career where it finally is the music not the bling.
  5. Rumours were flying about last month about her doing a residency at the Colosseum, but when that would be now I don't know...
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  6. Sis... the pandemic doesn't have anything to do with how her songs are charting? The age factor is fair and it's true that we shouldn't have high expectations for her singles at this point. But her last two songs failed to chart, Small Talk peaked at #81, 365 at #86, etc. That was long before Covid. The other girls aren't having any problems landing hits during the pandemic.
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  7. My point about the pandemic was it complicated more traditional promo opportunities (i.e Daisies getting a video shot in her backyard). I thought that was fairly obvious. And ironically this post was directed specifically at you and @heavymetalGAGA who come in here expressing "concern" and "interest" about where her songs are going to chart despite having a history of not liking Katy. When someone is perched on chart data's twitter and the minute her Bubbling Under position is posted you run in here with "a top 10 smash lolz" you're not doing it out of your great concern - you're just excited she's flopping. Which is fine - have your kii. But stop expressing it as faux concern.
  8. dddd the fuck are you talking about? I posted her Spotify stats like a week ago, which I look at for literally every pop girl. I have "interest" in the mechanics of the pop charts/streaming numbers in general. I also... didn't post anything about her Hot 100 position yesterday? Or when Never Worn White failed to chart? So I'm not sure who's perched where but it ain't me. This is a general pop music forum, not a Katy stan forum. People don't have to blindly praise everything she does. I like her when she makes good music and have said so repeatedly – I loved Never Really Over, I like Daisies.

    Also... you seem to be the only one who thinks she's "flopping". A top 40 single at this point in her career is nothing to be so worked/defensive up about. Literally no one was expecting this to smash.
  9. No sis, I don't think she's flopping, which was the point of my first post you quoted. And of all threads on this forum I hardly expect this one to be the one people blindly praise in. I just get tired of the same people who come in here only to like shady posts and then go "oh gee sure am curious how this is gonna do". Sorry if I mis-categorized you as one of those people.
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  10. Some UK updates:

    Moved up to the B-list on BBC Radio 1 but moved down to #40 on Spotify's Hot Hits UK. Capital is playing it once a day but it's still not on the playlist.
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  11. The Apple Music support is a lot better than Spotify's here. It's #30 on their chart but #111 on Spotify's so I wish Spotify would give it a bit more of a chance.
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  12. Lauren Glucksman (her A&R on Witness and Ellie Goulding's ex-assistant) was hired by Apple Music to take charge of pop playlisting, so it maybe explains the extra love.
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  13. Oh, the hustle.

  14. [​IMG]
  15. If Katy can do performances that are not shot on her webcam while 8 months pregnant, then the other girls have no excuse.
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  16. I stan every bit of promo she is doing in quarantine. Katy!!!!!
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  17. Just tuned in and she's doing Thinking of You. Still one of my favorite songs
  18. Thinking of You is incredible.
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  19. Considering the late radio impact, here’s hoping their plan for a slow burn hit comes to fruition and we see this rebound or stabilize in the coming weeks.
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