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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. gentle reminder that people who hate Small Talk hate themselves.

    What an absolute gem. The Daisies promo is officially legendary.
  2. Also amused that the opening is very “Celebrity Big Brother reveal VT”.
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  3. So much fun. I really enjoy this.
  4. 'Daisies' is so GOOD it's still tiding me over for the album nicely. We love an era that actually feels alive.
  5. That video is a way more inventive gesture than every pop girl that has cobbled together a playlist for us to “enjoy for Pride month”. On that note, find me anybody more dedicated to their playlists than a gay guy passionate about music.
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  6. This absolute HUSTLE. Fucking hell.
  7. This exactly. I checked out a couple and they are all so predictable and yes I have better for any imaginable situation during Pride month. And every other month of the year.

    I wish they would really gift us things like having demos or an unreleased track or remix with their playlists. so in this way Katy really did something here. But why no Spotify. I need that.
  8. Just smiled all the way through that.
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  9. Also this. Yes. She seems so into it it's pure joy to see.
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  10. That Daisies mix is fucking excellent. The sheer effort and hustle of it all! Like, she’s heavily pregnant and doesn’t even have to do any of this yet she clearly wants to. She looks so happy and comfortable within herself, ah it’s all so great to see.
  11. She is my möther.
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  12. That remix is great, as well as the video. The middle-8 consisting of her earlier songs is such a clever idea.
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  13. The remix is so fun and smart. How is it not streaming?!

  14. So we think its a Dua Lipa Physical situation because it includes parts of other songs?
  15. Seriously this woman is hustling and doing it so well.
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  16. RJF


    She's giving this a smash hit push, which I have major respect for given everything going on.
  17. I wish I liked Daises more to be able to give her some more streams, hopefully there’s something more in the vein of Never Really Over or Walking on Air on the album.

    I really hope this hustle pays off for her, or at least gives her a sense of fulfilment.
  18. Not her mopping the floor with her old wig.
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  19. A pop star.
  20. I need this remix on streaming.
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