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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    The ‘Walking On Air’ part

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  2. God, she’s just nailing it at the moment.

    She started to become VERY grating but her recent aura is just so... likeable. A great mix of Authentic Katy and Komedy Katy and neither too annoying.

    I am rooting for Katy Perry.
  3. I second all of the above, that remix is insane.

    She really embodies everything a pop star should be...and she’s doing all of it whilst that pregnant. Slay a little Katheryn.
  4. I really am looking forward to this album, Covid has made some of these girls just be so creative with their promo opportunities and Katy is definitely one of them.
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  5. The fact that she's clearly loving the process and having fun with everything this time around, rather than putting pressure on herself to make the song a smash, is so refreshing. Sis really said, "Oh y'all thought it's impossible to promote during a global pandemic?" It's a scream that this feels like one of the best pop promo campaigns of the last several years.
  6. Katy continuing to deliver creative visuals despite the situation while being heavily pregnant AND a superb remix on top of that? Respect.
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  7. It’s a very cute video and the remix is a fun little gem. The remix just has a little bit of crappy mixing, but that should be easily fixed.
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  8. New interviews.

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  9. Not Katy making me emotional today.
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  10. The Pride megamix and its video are a perfect representation of why I love Katy Perry. She really seems liberated, unchained and full of life right now.
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  11. The remix/video is brilliant. The megamix portion was a great way to acknowledge her being in the industry for 10+ years.
  12. Well that is a great and fun video, and a great megamix, executed with a very, very generic beat!
  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The Daisies remix is great, I would definitely use that more than the original.
  14. It seems like Katy is finally in tune, and most of all, comfortable with who she is as a person and her place in the world. It’s been great to witness.
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  15. Walking On Air really is *that* missed opportunity. The Teenage Dream-level signature hit that should’ve been.
  16. Prism should have had 8 singles and they should have been:

    Dark Horse
    Birthday (with a better video)
    This Is How We Do
    Legendary Lovers feat. Drake
    Walking On Air (gets a showcase during the Super Bowl performance)

    Like I've said many times, they didn't get the singles wrong - all 5 that were singles were more than single worthy - but it was so jam packed with potential hits that they should have released more. I still can't believe Legendary Lovers feat. Drake is just rotting on someones hard drive.
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  17. As much as I love Walking On Air, I don't think it will become a hit. The musical landscape in US at the time wasn't really that receptive towards house/house-influenced pop.

    I still enjoy the Can't Cancel Pride megamix so much. It's just pure fun and delight. The transition from Swish Swish part back to Daisies again

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  18. Is this confirmed to exist?? That shit would’ve smashed in 2014. Why didn’t it get released?
  19. Someone on her livestream just asked what the theme of the album was and she hummed the circus theme I-

    She also confirmed signed CDs and songs called What Makes a Woman and Champagne Problems
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  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Songs called Champagne Problems always pop off. Perched, Miss Perry.
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