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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Speaking of.... the Daisies (Acoustic) cover would have been a cute album cover. We're going to get some clown mess when she has all these perfectly lovely photos from Daisies promotional campaign.
  2. Maroon 5 has so much undeserved success it's sickening.

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  3. Maroon 5 getting chart success by becoming an amorphous blob with shitty tattoos...cover it in scabies.
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  4. The acoustic version is sublime. God bless Katy Perry.

    What she did with the third "DAISIES!", especially on the second chorus, and the new post chorus/middle 8 - I'm ascending.
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  5. But enough about me in lockdown
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  6. God Katy knocks it out the park with the acoustics this is sooo good. Her voice suits the style so well.
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  7. I love that Katy is a pop star who can take an acoustic version and actually make it slap. Her live performances of The One That Got Away remain excellent.
  8. Covered in scabies, ScAbIeS, SCABIES!
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  9. Why does her voice sound pitched down on this? It’s lovely otherwise though
  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I honestly think that acoustic version would've good enough to be the original. It's stunning.
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  12. The interview she did (which she posted on her IG grid) where she talked about feeling burned out during the Witness era and that the music and validation no longer made her happy was so interesting. Is anyone aware of a longer version of the interview as it’s only 13 mins long. She talked a lot about her own faith and relationship with God, and while everyone has their own thoughts about that, it was nice learning about her own faith has helped her. She really appears to be in such a great place emotionally and mentally and it’s so nice to see.
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  13. Love the new acoustic version of Daisies. The addition of the "when did we stop believing" ad-libs really elevates it and justifies its existence.
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  14. Her voice is just lower these days. Her vocals are very natural on this acoustic version and “Harleys.”
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  15. I'm pretty psyched to see how Katy pulls together the clown aesthetic that's been hinted at. Considering she could have played it safe and gone down the floral, Prism-y route again, it sounds like a ballsy choice.
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    Just listened to the acoustic version for the first time, and I might even prefer it to the original? It’s really lovely and kind of reminds me of her MTV Unplugged album, which I still use every now and then. As much as I adore Katy’s big pop moments, I’d actually be here for a more singer-songwriterish album from her.
  17. The acoustic version made me tear up?? It’s just gorgeous, my god. Her voice is sublime.
  18. So, pre-order next week then?
  19. This is sending me
  20. -M-


    Next single incoming?
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