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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Never Really Over was our first taste, and Daisies launched the album.
  2. I can’t agree with this as the singles are all 10/10 but you do you and Choose Your Battles.
  3. Probably In the Middle and or maybe Meant To Be?
  4. Smile appears in a new Target commercial!

    She's in the company of Christina Aguilera circa pretending not to know of Gaga, Carly Rae Jepsen, Meghan Trainor, and "The Middle". Icons!
  5. I find myself going back to PRISM a lot more than Teenage Dream nn. Walking On Air’s impact.
  6. A back-to-school advert? In this economy?
  7. Same here! I’ve only just realised what a gem of an album it is. Not cohesive at allllllll but many bops. Also the two punch of Double Rainbow and By The Grace Of God sends me.
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  8. Dd I love Follow Your Arrow but Katy said it’s a hit song that still gets played on the radio so she was probably talking about The Middle which seemingly got pitched to every female artist on earth before it ended up with Maren.
  9. I love It Takes Two into Choose Your Battles. It’s such a solid album. Plus it has 2 diamond singles on it, not everyone has that!
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  10. I truly wish I liked this more than I actually do. Almost everything I’ve heard from this era sounds like she’s chasing a vibe that she’s not even really cognizant of.

    (Never Really Over was a triumph though)
  11. Love that she can reply to bitchy comments with the clown emoji now.
  12. I was on board with this campaign when “Daisies” was out, but “Smile” is garbage and I don’t care for clowns. I hope this clown theme doesn’t carry on.
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  13. Smile is aggressively mediocre. I'll continue to bop to Daisies and Never Really Over and hope the album takes that direction instead of... whatever this is.
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  14. The album is going to have a song with Anitta and Lali (argentinian popstar). Very bizarre but interesting.
  15. I have been revisiting Witness as well and it's stronger than I remember. Stronger than Prism by a long way anyway.
  16. 'Smile' does sound like a Prism reject but I can't deny it's bloody catchy as fuck.
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  17. 'Smile' is a bit tinny on speakers but on a good pair of headphones I find it rocking my pussy.
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  18. This is an outright l i e e

    but Witness, Power, Mind Maze, Save As Draft and Act My Age are all great.

    I’m giving it another listen and I’m enjoying it apart from open sesame.
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  19. Her output recently just isn’t up to her usual standards is it? I think her last GREAT song was Chained to The Rhythm. I enjoyed Swish Swish a lot and Never Really Over was serviceable, but it feels like she’s past her best. Her voice alone doesn’t carry songs and can be grating at times, it’s always been the songs that have elevated her. Hopefully there’s better stuff on the album!
  20. Where do I even start?
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