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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Her album sales were impressive but they did seem a bit disproportionate to the success of her singles and her general popularity at the time. That’s just nitpicking though when you’re scoring multiple #1s/diamonds from two albums in a row though.

    Speaking of nitpicking, wasn’t BEYONCÉ the best selling female album of 2013?
  2. She's coming off the back of a "flop" era, her shtick feels tired, people are over her... she's basically in Gaga's shoes in 2014. She'll be fine. I don't know where she goes next because Golden Globes and Oscars doesn't really feel like Katy's calling, but her fans will have to ride out the next couple of years and see what happens. She has options, and above all she does have talent so I'm sure even if she chooses not to branch out into TV/films, she could just... release good music.
  3. I think in the U.S, yes. Worldwide it was Prism.
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  4. She's in Greece and we have like the worst weather storms and hurricanes etc.
    But she's getting that OrlanD.
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  5. I do agree with you to a certain degree, but both "Roar" and "Dark Horse" were big. Like, massively big. Diamond certified hits are once in a lifetime and she achieved two of them, lifted from the very same project. It just seems baffling to watch a star score the impossible from an album era and still get acceptable album sales. My only point is that it was all downhill from that particular place in her career and it was a bit obvious her next project would get a lukewarm reaction.
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  6. Why am I ascertaining absolutely brutal shade underneath this post Dddd.
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  7. RJF


    Is it even shade to point out that Katy has... less room to pivot in than Gaga did?
  8. Tea but I think I was getting more of a "Katy has no talent so her options are very...limited" flavor.
  9. Not when Miss Perry has JESUS on her side.

    I think a Christian anthem giving even Avril Lavigne of all people a warm reception has someone at Capitol's eyes widening with a plan.

    Pre-streaming Pop Girls have all followed relatively the same path to navigate themselves through the second half of the 2010s.

    Joanne, Golden, Rainbow, Beautiful Trauma, This Is What The Truth Feels Like, Younger Now, etc. all aimed for an older, more Hot AC audience with varying results (though Younger Now was the only bomb there due to Miley being a PR nightmare, with Malibu doing well on its own merits). Gaga's goodwill tour wouldn't have done much if she still came back with something like Witness. The sonic change was just as intentional as the marketing change.

    Meaning Of Life did something similar, but aimed for Urban AC radio listeners as opposed to Hot AC listeners and - like Gwen's album - served more as a vehicle to foray into other media.

    Britney was the only one who aimed for a more pop audience and Make Me actually showed signs of even possibly working, but her team being useless stopped that from ever doing anything. Liberation aimed for a similar audience and didn't connect well.

    This all, really, makes Witness' misfires more clear. The audience she was aiming for with the very European~ dance sound had either moved on sonically or couldn't reconcile with her image, while the people who would like the more disconnecting aspects of her image would have probably preferred guitars over synths.

    Ironically, something like Rise would probably work as a palette cleanser now, but it's hard to not feel for her given how her cutting her hair turned people off and how much she opened up about the turmoil over her religion / parents' politics vs. her own views she experienced.
  10. What
  11. [​IMG]
  12. I’d actually argue Gaga raised the bar for the pop album as a body of work post 2010, which only makes Katy’s inconsistent discography more glaring.
  13. Would it be an unpopular opinion to say that One Of The Boys had her best singles run? In particular, Hot N Cold-Thinking of You-Waking Up In Vegas was a series of moments and the closest I’ve ever been to stanning Ms. Hudson.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. But really, I think you're doing a bit of a disservice to a lot of pop artists. Haven't we been trying to fight this sort of mentality when it comes to pop music for years now, with the birth of the "poptimism" movement and all? Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but I think to say "Oh pop stars rarely put out good albums, that's normal, they're all about the singles!" just to defend one pop star like Katy, who has a patchy track record with full bodies of work, while there are pop acts who have been evovling and pushing their sound for years now is... a lot.
  16. I absolutely despise Fireworks, Roar, This Is How We Do and Swish Swish so this is really not unreasonable to me.
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  17. If you look at it era by era, she has seemingly kept up with her contemporaries. But if you back up and view her discography as a whole, she has sold about half of what her contemporaries have. I think the last figure I saw had her at about 15m albums sold WW, which, don’t get me wrong, is more than most, but it’s massively disproportionate to her single sales. She probably has the biggest album to singles ratio difference amongst her peers. I think that’s where all the “she can’t sell albums” nonsense comes from. People are just comparing her album totals to the others.

    Anyways, half her fans say she needs to evolve and can’t keep making the music does while the other half says she needs to stick to her previous sound and release the “bops”. Either way people are gonna be mad so she should try and do what she wants and see how that pans out. She deserves it.
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  18. She doesn't have a team around her that could even help her adapt to the changing pop landscape, which is why I think she's deferring to what she knows. She needs to change the people around her and the rest will fall into place
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  19. What does this even mean? Her new album is going to be commercial. Her team is very competent. Looks to my right...N(n)(n).
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