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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. I kind of don’t like the alternate covers? It’s not that they are bad they just don’t scream album cover. Not a big fan of the original too but it felt the most... designed if that makes sense.

    The circus fan edit is great but now I have mixed feelings because of the AHS scenario and him obviously using the tent from that poster.

    I think I am fine with the regular for now.
  2. I was really hoping we’d get her circus inspired tour. If she is doing Vegas hopefully she also tours the UK etc.
  3. HMD


    Smart girls, aren’t they? A very good idea indeed.
  4. Yeah I mean the quick reaction was nice and I'm sure having your idol pick your work for an official release must be some serious wish fulfillment but just leave it to the professionals also the fan cover is tacky, not surprised it started life as an AHS poster.
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  5. I just can't. So not only the tent was stolen.
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  6. Kind of sounds like thats what she has in mind. I'm pretty sure she mentioned that imagery when she was dancing around the tour question.
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  7. It was bold of anyone to assume that some Twitter twink whipped that up with original assets literally hours after the original cover was released.
  8. That entire fanmade viral cover is basically a Photoshop collage, there isn't one original thing about it ddd. Either the lawyer's had a hell of a time getting the rights to all the materials or the lawsuits are gonna fly.
  9. She should've just done some open source type thing and uploaded album photoshoot pics, textures, and fonts to her website if she wanted to crowdsource fan created covers... this could get messy
  10. I have to believe her team aren't stupid enough to believe that album art was fully original.

    The two photos he 'stole' were probably clipart from Google, so I'd imagine they were posted with the purpose of being licensed. And it looks like he just copied the AHS idea, not used elements of the actual photograph?
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  11. They... can’t be so stupid that they didn’t 100 perfect check that picture right? Or have contracts really protecting them?
  12. I can't really see it being that messy. She'll pay off whoever deserves their credit and be done with it at worst.
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  13. The new editions won't count towards the first week numbers anymore, will they?

    Also, I laughed at this on her site:

    Please note if you purchase multiple item(s) in the same cart and do not select split shipping at checkout, your entire order will ship when the final item(s) arrives. We suggest selecting the split shipping option at checkout so that you receive your items in a timely manner*, most notably if your purchase includes vinyl, cassette, or cd.

    *And so that they all count towards the chart.
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  14. Look at this:
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  15. The new rules don't come into force until October, I believe they can count them for her first week still.
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  16. I believe he remade it for the version he sent, knowing he obviously couldn't send one using the AHS poster.
  17. The smile of a mastermind!
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  18. That horrific big top fan made picture getting any kind of praise from fans has been alarming.
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  19. I wish the alternate covers had the Fan Edition track list. Some of them are great but I think I care more about having whatever version has all of the tracks.

    This is a serve

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  20. This doesn’t really matter though, it’s like saying “I copied an album cover pixel by pixel using digital paint brushes” and selling it. It would still be worthy of a lawsuit for the original asset creator. And that’s for the tent alone, let alone the inside circus scene.

    Knowing the way 2020 is going with weird news I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the asset owners is a distant relative of the nun who died in court.
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