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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Yeah, this is the other one I liked next to the crying image. Both are way more in line with what I had in mind for the visual ~identity of this album
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  2. From her live chat today it sounds like the Target edition has a not-yet-heard track, and (I think?) we already know the Fan Edition has Small Talk and Never Worn White, so it seems like there won't be one physical edition to have all tracks. I suspect they won't all exist in one place till next year when the Target exclusivity is over and they upload an all encompassing Deluxe Edition to Spotify.
  3. That's... annoying. I guess I'm better off just buying my favorite cover then nn.
  4. Here's the chat from today if anyone who missed it wants to see it:

  5. Japan might be your best bet to get everything in one place physically, as well. Not sure if their tracklist is out yet.
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  6. Like she isn't just going to release "Smile: The Full Orthodontics".
  7. This is common you get the same info at Urban Outfitters for example. If you split it delivery fees will rise. So they recommend you to wait to get it all in one go and not pay more, also to save them the work of packaging even more.
  8. Yes but you didn’t see the chart bit in bold.
  9. Ok but all the formats together is... kind of a serve?!
  10. All five of the new picture discs are so much nicer than the OG one (especially the crying jizz one). Her team are really smart.
  11. I'm really mad they're not available in the U.K. Id have cancelled my basic custard vinyl and gotten the two on the far right (pink close up and the fan-made) as both are absolute serves.
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  12. I want all of them but I settled on the big circus tent one
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  13. It takes a few days before others stores put them up usually. You still have time to get the US order in and wait for the UK store to update.
  14. Remember when Britney, Christina, P!nk and Take That all released Circus-themed projects in one year.
  15. Love the pink one with the closeup photo. I'd snatch a CD of that if they make it available on the UK store.
  16. But given it's flash sale until Thursday, put up specifically to probably help with first week Billboard numbers, I imagine if they aren't up now, they won't be at all outside the US.
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  17. Why does this read as a threat

  18. I think there’s actually an eleventh vinyl edition - the Walmart exclusive ruby red edition.


    This is different from the UK HMV edition which is listed as transparent red, but I don’t think we actually have a mock-up of yet (the graphic from above has the sticker for the HMV edition but the vinyl colouring of the Walmart ruby red).
  19. The art direction is heinous, damn.
  20. And Kelly had to change her’s from being Masquerade themed for this very reason.
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