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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. The saltiness over that cover... get over it girls.
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  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm actually super hyped for this album. The snippets sound promising and no song has been a dud so far.

    I will stay defending Never Worn White.
  3. I cannot wait for that song which sounds like Goldfrapp plus Britney.
  4. Capitol bought the fan artwork and decided to release it. But you can see that on her website, they've airbrushed his artist tag off of her arm.
  5. She was referring to the circus imagery.
  6. No, she was referring to the song Cry About It Later:

  7. They need to release the HQ versions of those covers ASAP. I still can’t decide which I want to use digitally.
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  8. It sounds like the rules are actually changing after this week, but any pre-orders that happen before this Friday will still be grandfathered in. So, if you’re on the fence then you should pre-order now and throw the good sis a first week sale.
  9. Is it true that if you order to be shipped from the U.S store internationally, the sale counts towards...no chart?
  10. They're only available until Friday. I did wonder why they were doing these 1 week limited editions *now* rather than release week, but this clears that up.

    Yeah, I think that's always been the case sadly. Still bought all of them though.
  11. Time for me to find someone from America to get me some so I don't have to pay £25 for shipping + the inevitable customs charge. Lemme help the good sis in her homeland.
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  12. It wouldn’t be a Katy era without something to incite backlash!
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  13. Oh for fuck sake Katy. Delete that mess and Quote Tweet this masterpiece instead:

  14. Fucks sake.
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  15. She makes it hard to root for her.
  16. Ah yes, it truly was all going too well, wasn’t it?
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  17. And just like that my entire timeline is dragging her like it's the Witness era.
  18. Why would she go out of her way like that...
  19. Nooooi!! Katy just when you pulled me back in.
  20. Girls. If that's her experience she's within her rights to voice it. Calm down.
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