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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. I don’t think there’s anything too wrong with her saying that it’s her experience, but the “sending you a love & and a hug, friend” is what gets me.
  2. Reading the room is essential though.
  3. The thing is, nobody was clamouring to hear Katy’s views on the whole Ellen situation. Why would you say something which is clearly against the public opinion on this when there was no need to do so?
  4. I don't think anybody thought Ellen was mistreating huge popstars so her input is totally uncalled for.
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  5. They’re neighbors, so I imagine Ellen sent Portia over to beg her for a post....and refused to leave until she did.
  6. Taylor Swift literally used Ellen for promo for Lover more than I've seen a celebrity use Ellen before (She was even in the You Need To Calm Down video) and still stayed clear of saying a peep with Ellen was probably leaving crying voicemails. I wish Katy was as smart a businesswoman as Miss Taylor and just release her 100 different vinyls and keep her mouth shut.
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  7. Katy not reading the room shocker.
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  8. The lack of self awareness for the love of god.

    Of course you were treated well, you’re a famous pop star with a large reach across the world. It’s the employees below and behind the scenes that are suffering here.
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  9. The thing is people probably are being asked by Ellen's people to speak out in support. And Katy is one of the few who are stupid enough to feel guilted into doing it without thinking about what it means to defend her. A goddam mess.
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  10. I mean, yeah, of course she is – free speech and all that. But statements like hers, especially when sexual assault and other forms of abuse are involved, are routinely used to invalidate the experiences of others. Obviously I doubt Katy intended any harm, which she prefaced her tweet with, but the connotations are still there regardless.
  11. What kind of elementary school logic?

    Girls, Donald Trump complimented me and we have had zero negative interactions. Sending love her way xoxo

    Go be foolish somewhere else.
  12. I think she only did the usual one episode promo? I don't remember anything other than that.

    Maybe Taylor is keeping quiet because she knows how nasty Ellen can be:

  13. When you've been as vocal a supporter of the #BLM movement that Katy has been, it's not a good luck to jump to the defence of one of the first big cases of someone being accused of racism.
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  14. Furthermore, it's weird that she did this without an interviewer ambushing her with the question. To which, as an example, Taylor was actually asked similarly about Weinstein (not saying Ellen is at all on the same level as Weinstein) and she answered, "No, he didn't make any suggestive advances towards me. It seemed like it was a power thing so to me, it doesn't mean anything -- that I wasn't in that situation." Because it doesn't. These girls are superstars and everyone in the industry would want to be on their good side. I really hope Katy at least clarifies her statement.
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  15. Has Ellen been accused of racism? I haven't followed the drama over her show that closely but I thought she was just accused of being a bully to various assistants and creating a generally toxic atmosphere by being a diva?
  16. I'm pretty sure examples of the toxic atmosphere were allegations of "racism" and "bullying"
  17. And sexual harassment no?
  18. Yeah, there have been accusations going back for years of the toxic environment behind the scenes at that show.

    It seems to have finally hit fever pitch after the controversy that she allegedly reduced her crew’s pay by 60% while still keeping them working during the pandemic and employing and outside source to keep the show airing from her home
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