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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. What a mess considering that even Ellen herself didn't deny the claims. Oh Katy ...
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  2. Dd
  3. Well Dakota Johnson needs to speak again hahaha.
  4. Katy's inner saboteur:

    For once you aren't in a crisis, I'm on my way!
  5. Imagine choosing Ellen as the hill to die on...

    Oh Katheryn Elizabeth...
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  6. “I can’t speak for anyone else’s experience”
    *proceeds to do it anyways*

    Katy girl.....
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  8. At least now there’s an excuse for why her album will bomb.
  9. As frustrating and as it is that Katy has ignorantly defended Ellen, I highly doubt people are going to remember in a week's time. Especially with her baby probably coming in the next couple of weeks. Katy sadly probably won't delete the tweets but she won't spend another 2 weeks doubling down on her comments like Lana did either. Dua and Madonna have been messier in the past few weeks and it's not like it's affected them.
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  10. Doubt anyone but devoted day-one KittyKats will buy an album with no hits on the radio anyway.
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  11. What dirt does Ellen have on Katy huh??
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  12. Oh here’s the tea
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  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Goddammit Katy. It was all going too well, wasn't it.

    You can't just share your little posts on Instagram about Black Lives Matter and then proceed to invalidate Black people's experiences because you, as a rich white lady, didn't suffer at the hands of another rich white lady. She's grown and shown so much self-awareness over the past few years and I'm genuinely so disappointed right now.
  14. The way I ran to this thread after seeing those tweets. Oh Katy.
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  15. The Klowns are buying all 12 versions of the increasingly-ugly-rejected-covers vinyl so something tells me her first week will be fine and this tweet will be dust in the wind within days.
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  16. Honestly I think they’re straight up giving people prompts at this point...the similarities between Katy’s two tweet defense of Ellen and Scooter’s two tweet defense of Ellen (highlighting first hand/personal experience, how Ellen fought for equality, ‘sending love’) is a little weird. I know she’s well-intentioned but I wish Katy had realized her input wasn’t needed here and just politely declined like others presumably have.
  17. This is terrible but at the same time extremely on brand for her? I believe her and Ellen see eye to eye on a lot of stuff.
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  18. I mean what she said is very ill advised and she didn’t clearly think it through at all but seeing the reaction online and how people can’t wait to cancel her out....

    I’m sure it will blow over but yes Ellen is awful.
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