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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. On the UK site? Just as I ordered one yesterday thinking I’d regret it... damn you Katheryn.

    I ordered something from Taylor’s US store and cancelled it a week ago and still waiting on the refund.
  2. I definitely think Ellen('s team) are reaching out to people to defend her. Just saw Kevin Hart come out and write a very similar post to Katy's and Scooter's.

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  3. Especially as none of them are that great.
  4. Urgh, yeah - it isn't a big surprise, it's just a massive shame Katy wasn't smarter than to ignore it or reach out personally. Being in the company of Kevin Hart and Scooter isn't a... great look.
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  5. Scooter and Kevin don't surprise me in the slightest, but as much as I'm not a Katy Kat, I'm surprised by the tone deafness of her response.
  6. Taylor when Ellen called her up and asked her for a tweet in return for the music video cameo

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  7. Ain't he that 'omophobe?
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  8. Katy, Kevin and Scooter is... well, a group that speaks for itself.

    As insignificant as the comment may seem to some people, it's flat-out dumb that she's using her platform to invalidate the voices of those who have had the courage to speak up about the sexual harassment and bullying that goes on behind-the-scenes on Ellen's show. Kevin isn't surprising, because Ellen was defending him when the Oscars fired him for refusing to apologize for his homophobic slurs.

    Katy really should just sat there and picked her daisies. She had no reason to get involved.

    I'm not the least bit surprised at her tone-deafness considering she was still making fun of Britney's mental health in 2018. She's always been a bit dense, and that's putting it nicely.
  9. Katy always appears in the like ‘10 celebrities that warned us about Ellen’ videos on YouTube so I am a little surprised.
  10. Kinda screamed at this headline
  11. I’m choosing to believe in her new Live, Love, Laugh™ mindset she didn’t realise the significance of what she was actually saying. But at the same time, celebrity in out of touch shocker is nothing new - we’ve been here before.
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  12. I mean... Katy herself doesn't exactly have a clean slate when it comes to accusations of sexual harassment.

    I'd expect her to be a bit more on the pulse of things and I'd love to give her the benefit of the doubt, especially since she's heavily pregnant at the moment so probably has more than enough going on, but her team should know better.
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  13. Is it not a little bit cheaper to order for the US store? Like £13 for it compared to the £16 from the UK one or is my maths off ha!
  14. Customs might get you and that’s usually 12-20 so didn’t want to risk it.

    Actually I just checked and US was 33.17 and UK 26.94 so saving!
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  15. Not the Ellen story right above her head.
  16. It's just really tone deaf. Like, of course Ellen treated you well, you're a rich white celebrity promoting something. That's not what ANY of this is about.

    I see Ashton Kutcher and Jay Leno have also posted tweets similar to Katy's today. Ellen's PR team really working overtime I guess.
  17. You really do not want be on a team with Scooter, Kevin Hart, Ashton Kutcher and Jay Leno. In 2020 or any year.
  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Jay Leno should just go back to washing his cars.
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  19. My Apple Music just gave me a 'Smile by Katy Perry available now.' notification. I thought something had gone awfully wrong for a second.
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