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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. The amount of emojis...you gonna try to sell me some YoungLiving, girl?
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  2. My own personal hell is checking to see if Daisies Can't Cancel Pride Remix is on Spotify. I need this (By Demand)!
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  3. Surprised she hasn’t put it on one of the vinyls considering all the variants!
  4. I love this photo (and the one from the same setup they used for the alternative cover), but I can't see it without hearing:
  5. Seeing that it involves the track list it may just be the back?
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  6. Not her paying Small Talk dust...
  7. Those alternate covers are mostly stunning. Except the balls one, I hate that.

    I like the image of the cannon but it doesn't feel cover to me. The purple one and the crying one are what I'm deciding between.
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  8. I snatched the fan-made cover CD as I already have a vinyl coming. Glad they went on the UK store in the end.
  9. I keep going back and forth on one of the limited vinyls. Honestly nothing released so far has blown me away but I might like the album as a whole. I could get the Target limited one. I don’t know.
  10. I feel like I'm not sold on the album enough to order a record yet, despite "Never Really Over" still being one of her best bops to date.
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  11. Not The Weeknd releasing a song called Smile later tonight. Poor Katy can't catch a break.

  12. I am so not excited about the album. And it was Smile that killed my excitement somehow. I don’t think it’s terrible but I loved Daisies and Never Really Over was obviously one of the beat songs ever but something now feels underwhelming.

    Still buying it and hoping the best for Katy. She really is perfect for Vegas - good and bad as this might sound.
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  13. Silly me forgot to order an alternate cover. I did kinda hope they’d be on the UK store a little longer since they went up late but oh well.
  14. From ATRL

    Johan Carlsson, Katy Perry, John Ryan, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Sarah Hudson


    This is the one she wrote for her daughter so I guess that's her due-date.
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  16. I seem to be in the minority on here in thinking Smile is one of the best things she’s done in a while? While it verges on generic, it’s a bop that’s been growing and growing for me.
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  17. It’s good but it’s not reaching her best for me. I however have grown more addicted to it despite its bordering into generic Katy Perry song territory.
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