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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. I wish I liked Smile more than I do but it’s still just “there” to me. I’m excited for the rest of the album though, especially Resilient which sounded great.
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  2. Smile works well as a 30-second jingle.
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  3. Smile torpedoed my excitement for the album but I'm remaining cautiously optimistic that it's overall more in line with the previous singles. I'm just still not over how tonally dissonant the Daisies campaign was vs. the album's aesthetics.
  4. This isn't unfair as it sounds like it'd be a perfect Target ad BGM, teebs.
  5. Well...

  6. I honestly had wondered if I'd imagined it! I even liked the post! Brain worms on the menu today, boys.
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  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I just pre-ordered the bone white LP. Who else is SMILEing today???????????
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  8. Just say beige xx
  9. The “Smile” video should have been released with the song and “Teary” should be out now.
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  10. I guess we'll get Teary one week before the album and a couple of days after What Makes A Woman.
  11. I reckon Teary might come like 2 days max before the album. They might even wait and launch it with the album (the song promoted sent to NMF/ big playlists on release day)

    Apparently that's one of the tracks Max worked on?
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  13. My problem with Smile is the eye-wateringly bad lyricism:

    ‘yeah I’m thankful... scratch that, baby I’m grateful’...

    .... like, this isn’t a one-off verse line, this is the centrepiece of the chorus. I do like the production and melody though.
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  14. why
  15. While Katy has never been the queen of continuity, in fairness to her she did have to scramble with Daisies visuals since her resources were suddenly gone. She was supposed to shoot a proper big video in the middle of March. Most of the album artwork was shot last year. Making a video and doing a photoshoot in her backyard was about all the options she had.
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  16. To clarify I loved the aesthetics for Daisies! I think it’s incredibly effective with the song. But that makes sense with the timeline, I didn’t realize she had already done photo shoots for the album prior to Daisies.
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  17. They're pushing it.
  19. What’s wrong with it?...
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