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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. OspreyQueen

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    Well, shit. I only just found out about the alternate covers and now see that their run has already ended. Would have loved the cannon one.

    Maybe they'll conveniently come up with a few more when it's the Tuesday after the album release and the sales have been lagging ddd
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  2. Under the new Billboard rules sales only count when a physical ships, not when it's pre-ordered, so don't hold out for that as these won't ship until end of October! They might do another run then though.
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  3. This is actually hilarious.
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    Thanks but painful
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  5. I know it’s been said everyday since May, but judging by her comments on the livestream she’s doing just now, she is due to give birth any day now.
  6. This reminds me of those Faceapp filters.

    I love what she's doing with the live streams. She continues to kill it.

    ddd Not sure I would want my song tied to sending kids back to school during a quarantine in a country that has essentially said, "welp, some kids are gonna die, no biggie."
  7. She mentioned the Target bonus track that's not on any of the other editions. I couldn't make out the title?
  8. I think it’s called High On Your Supply.
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  9. “High on Your Supply”
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  10. I am cackling at her trying to work the cassette player. She's playing "Smile Roulette" which of course prompted fans to say "Justice for Roulette!" to which she responded, "NO justice for Roulette, that's over!"

    "Teary Eyes" and "Cry About It Later" sound huge.
  11. 'Teary Eyes' is heaven.
  12. Cry About It Later and Teary Eyes sound fantastic.
  13. Big bop energy. Cry About it Later gives me Rings a Bell vibes which is never a bad thing.
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  14. Oh my god clip please?!

  16. I think 'Resilient' might be my favourite Katy song when it finally fully drops ddd
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  17. This could be a real contender for Album of the Year (well second place after Such Pretty Forks In The Road)
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  18. Waiting for Katy to have a pregnant wee on Zoom truly is the cherry on a fantastic album campaign.
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  19. I hear god.gif
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