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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. I hear Sia.
  2. Cry about it Later and Teary Eyes sound incredible. Why are they wasting their time with Smile?
  3. I’m so glad she’s past the sound of Witness.

    “Teary Eyes” is the new “Walking on Air”, eh?
  4. I can't tell a single thing from the unfarmed potato quality of those clips but I've decided to stan Teary Eyed already.
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  5. Teary Eyed sounds absolutely fantastic.
  6. I’m glad “Smile” seems like an outlier. Everything else we’ve heard is incredible.
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  7. More and more "Smile" sounds like a cute album filler track. The full-on push is undeserved but I won't say no to content from her when she's firing at all cylinders like this.
  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm glad the "full flower moment" lyric isn't as jarring as it could have been.
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  9. “Resilient” sounds great. It really is odd that “Smile” is the only track to leave me largely cold.
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  10. “Cry” is great, but like “365” would probably do nothing commercially. “Teary” is risky, too, at least stateside, but it would hype us up, which is why it would have made sense to at least release it along with “Smile.”

    “Only Love” has potential, too, as would one or two others with a remix/feature.

    I’m not sure why they’re sticking with “Smile,” even if it has a big budget video. Maybe the remix will help, but people seem to be over it generally.
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  11. Oh is that still coming? Well that is good news, since I think the version with Diddy is significantly better.

    That being said nearly everything she’s previewed so far sounds better. I’ve also heard Champagne Problems being called a highlight so it seems the album is pretty stacked with great stuff.
  12. I don’t know if they’re releasing the Diddy one. The label is sitting on a few remixes.

    Yeah, I think it was “Champagne” that could maybe be a single with a feature (and “Not The End”), but “Only Love” is a KP-team favorite and “Teary” stood out most.

    ETA: “Resilient” reminds me a bit of “Firework” with a sprinkle of Enya and a hint of “Dark Horse” with that 808.
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  13. I'm relieved there aren't any features? At least that we know of? Maybe I'm alone in that.

    It aligns with the triumphant, introspective side we've seen and heard thus far. Compared to the last era (and honestly compared to other current pop campaigns), this record feels like such a passion project based on how much of herself she's putting into it, especially as she deals with the emotional and physical demands of pregnancy.

    If they release single edits with features, great. That's just more to color the era. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to an album with just her voice. We haven't had one since her debut and this feels like a full circle moment for her.
  14. Well there seems to be some excellence at hand judging by some of these clips, just waiting to see how much shit is there as well dddd
  15. Smile the song is continuing to take over UK airwaves. I heard it three times in the car today - seems like radio stations are trying to make it our summer anthem for 2020.
  16. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I thought Smile was a promo-only track? And there was a different song / video they were going to release with the album? I swear that was the line at some point in this thread.
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  17. I heard it twice today in Reykjavik.
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  18. Apparently Champagne Problems is akin to Adore You by Harry Styles.
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  19. Fantastic!
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  20. I am LIVING for how damn happy she is right now

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