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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Also not sure anyone posted the longer snippet of 'Teary Eyes'

  2. I can’t stand it! For such a mehh song, it keeps getting stuck in my head!

  3. Not justice for Roulette that is OVER
  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I feel bad for her because she's clearly exhausted and it seems like the baby is due any moment now, but these livestreams were such a great idea. I know her personality might not be for everyone, but she's never been more endearing and funny than right now and the livestreams are such a great showcase of that.

    Which makes the Ellen thing even more disappointing but I guess there had to be a bump in the road
  5. Teary Eyes sounds great.
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  6. Yeah, the live streams have reminded me just how fun Katy is. She's obviously a little corny but has just the right amount of self-awareness (Well, usually). Her charisma is the main driving force as to why her tours are so good to be honest (that and all the bops).

    I can't stop listening to the 'Cry About it Later' snippet.
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  7. Was the witness tour ever recorded professionally?
  8. Speaking of which:
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  9. It's the beginning note of Never Really Over starting at the end that is really sending me.
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  10. Signed CDs up on Newbury Comics kids!
  11. The Regina George energy
  12. I really like the Teary Eyes clip! Excited to hear the full thing
  13. Yes, but like all pop girl tours that aren't Madonna's it was shelved.
  14. I’ve just found this one. How much of an accurate representation is it?

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  15. A lot.
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  16. It doesn't have the full production that the arenas had. A lot of the flying stuff she did for example doesn't happen.
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  17. i know this has been asked already but, is the Target edition the only one that has a brand new song on it, not just previously released singles or acoustic/remix versions?
    I'm planning on pre-ordering my copy this week and want to know if the deluxe edition on her store is worth it if I have all the songs anyway. Otherwise I am going to lump for the Cd, cassette and picture disc bundle.
  18. Yes. Target has a song called High On Your Supply. The Fan Edition on her store has Small Talk, Never Worn White, and 2 Daisies remixes.
  19. Thanks! I'll go for the bundle.
  20. It's pretty stripped back compared to the real thing. You can see some of the footage here

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