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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. It's pretty stripped back compared to the real thing. You can see some of the footage here

  2. The Witness tour was SO good
  3. Is getting both worth it? I just don’t know. I like Small Talk fine enough but I think the Target deluxe might be enough.

    Also justice for Witness tour release, chuck it out digitally x
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  4. The Witness Tour never getting a release is home of phobic.
  5. I'm really obsessed with Smile. It's so in tune with how i'm feeling these days. All initial reservations took a trip along with my wig.
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  6. Because Small Talk was a legit single, I like the idea of having a physical album its on. I'm ok with finding the Target track... elsewhere... unit its available everywhere.
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  7. muffy sis the vocals

    I get what they were going for, but her voice is a little too loud for an arrangement this quiet
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  8. I can’t believe there’s still two and a half weeks till this albums out, it feels like it’s been 14 years since ‘Never Really Over’.
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  9. Credits are on Apple Music and none of them have Max Martin, unless he did the Target track.
  11. 14 glorious years of losing your self control.

    Those credits for Cry About It Later... literally, fuck. How could it not be the greatest song of all time? Watch your crown, Bon Appetit.
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  12. The Small Talk remixes still pop off so hard whew.
  13. I am very here for Sasha Sloan being snapped up by the big girls.
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  15. Her and @nooniebao on one track? Instant love. Speaking of love, I'm glad to see Madison Love on a few of the credits!
  16. I canceled mine last week. I have no time for this tomfoolery.
  17. At this point it’s getting ridiculous.
  18. Those are just the writing credits I believe. Max probably worked on productions.
  19. This is only tangentially related to Katy, but they did a survey with Spanish kids and asked them who they wanted to have as their boss and the girls have TASTE

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  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Go Frances working with the pop girls.
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