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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Someboy

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    Why is it so easy to picture her doing the baby reveal with a caption like, “My #SMILE has never been bigger. Don’t forget to order the exclusive #SMILE baby rattle, link in bio.”
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  2. The link doesn’t work?
  3. It's cute! A little kidz bop but I mean, that's a bit of her brand at times dd. And I applaud the effort in these times.

  4. I enjoyed this.
  5. I only ever started liking Katy Perry when the veneer started to crack with Witness, and I loved the album more than anything else she's done. This interview is lovely and I can't wait to hear the album !
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  6. Ddddd. I really wish she ran with the stripped back Daisies aesthetic rather than this... Kidz Bop/quirky Target ad hellscape. Smile is diabolically bad and this video is doing her no favors.
  7. This is way more dystopian to me than I think they intended, nn. The CGI animation looks well-made at least.
  8. Oh Katy why... I'll just say she looked gorgeous in the beginning of the video before she turned into.... a..... clown.
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  9. I don't mind the song. It really is of the same ilk as International Smile/Birthday/This Is How We Do but it is not as much of a regression as Small Talk was in my opinion. There are things here that she is trying with her flow/melodies that feel like she's exploring things she hadn't before. However it is also very one-note and a definite step backwards from Daisies/Never Really Over/Harleys in Hawaii so it has no place being on the same album (let alone part of its promo).

    The performance video was probably more effective like others have said, but the actual video is okay too (the animation is amazing, the chicken is a highlight), apart from trying to sell the "pie on the face" joke as an actually funny joke TWICE IN A ROW. They really saved the worst for last.

    Yeah, she looks great at the start.
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  10. This is a cute music video. Yeah, it's that tacky childish side of Katy Perry, but I like it.
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  11. The end of the video with her daughter is actually kind of sweet in a very Katy way. I'm glad she's happy.
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  12. Was that a music video or did they just do a montage of a random animated show suitable for ages 0-3?
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  13. It's disingenuous to press play on a Katy Perry video and expect some high-end avant-garde thing to pop on your face, but I'll give you that this is the most pandering to children she's ever been on a music video. This gives me clickbaity kids Youtube channel mixed with Target ads.
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  14. 2014

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    The video is so cute and she is just such a star, all the time.
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  15. Wow, that Guardian interview is fantastic. And kudos to Laura for digging deep even over Zoom. Katy isn't perfect but she's genuinely one of the best we have and honestly, that quote about endlessly criticising people who are so publicly trying to educate and improve themselves kinda hit a nerve. She's only ever striving to become more enlightened or appease past mistakes, should we really scorn her for that? The line she had about privilege was actually quite true. An Ellen tweet (even though totally wrong) shouldn't negate all that.

    I'm buzzing for this album and regardless, her promo hustle this era has been iconic and unmatched.
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  16. This read as an exhausting checklist of everything problematic she's ever done in chronological order with her having to defend each thing. Pretty weird.
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  17. She's about to have a baby, so surely such thing are on her mind. It's not like the animation is ugly or cheap looking, which can be said of much modern entertainment for children (see the recent Addams Family reboot, for example).
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  18. I remember someone saying how most pop stars, at least modern ones, largely have had pretty conventional and well-off childhoods, with the main exception mentioned usually being Britney Spears for how poor she was growing up, so to hear Katy open up more and more about her childhood that has always seemed like a deep wound for her the more she's slowly revealed over the years really helps give context to who she is as a person.

    I've said it before but she really reveals her talents as a songwriter when writing on how she sees herself as a person and her self worth. From the gut punch of the "formal education" line in I'm Still Breathing to how By The Grace of God shows, despite the oppressiveness of her parents' religiousness, it's still largely the language she finds comfort in.

    Daisies exists in that kind of wheelhouse and is given a real weight knowing how she feels she herself had no childhood while preparing to bring a child into the world and this quote:
    The 'build a house' line really feels heavy knowing how it connects to the desire to prove you can offer a home life for your child that you feel you didn't have. Even if the rest of the album doesn't touch on the same catharsis as Daisies, at least she has something so healing to her name.
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