Katy Perry - Smile

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Seriously though, her determination to release Daisy the same week as the album is pretty iconic.

If there's one thing that Katy's taught us this era, it's that she knows how to promote! Apart from when it comes to Never Really Over, but
Like, of course the sad clown aesthetic doesn't just end with her looking sad in a red nose. It's a whole circus! She's getting fired out of a cannon! Her dress is a big top! She's getting pied in the face! And this is the kind of thing that... she's always done. "Firework" had fireworks blasting out of her tiddies. "E.T." had her be an alien, but a shape-shifting alien so she was several aliens. "Bon Appétit" had getting boiled and kneaded.

Now, we can add ' "Daisies" birthed... Daisy' to this list! Artpop queen.
Why can I see her reaching for that oxytocin drip when she saw the baby wasn’t coming out on time ññññ

Congrats, Katerina!

UNICEF tho... why? Is she a spokesperson for them?
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