Katy Perry - Smile

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I love this fanmade Album cover!

This might shape up to be my favorite Katy album.
Her... best album?
Showcasing taste.

I said I wouldn't give this another go before it came out on streaming but I lied. Tucked starts off as the International Smile of the album but then becomes an Act My Age of sorts. Only Love is beautiful, it's sweet and lighthearted without falling on pastiche and I can clearly hear Taylor Swift singing the chorus but maybe it's just the shitty vinyl rip. Resilient is a cute girl, nothing huge but also nothing as bad as Witness ballads.
Not The End of the World (aka Black Widow) and Smile can choke though. I'm sure I'll be streaming this for longer than... well, probably every Katy album before it.
I was thinking about cancelling the Spotify exclusive vinyl but they shipped it one day early before I could send a request ddd. Guess I have to stick to my guns now.
Not open for further replies.