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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. The sheer class of announcing the birth of Daisy via UNICEF though.
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  2. Why can I see her reaching for that oxytocin drip when she saw the baby wasn’t coming out on time ññññ

    Congrats, Katerina!

    UNICEF tho... why? Is she a spokesperson for them?
  3. Yes, and if she wasn’t it would still have been a great thing.
  4. The way the album jumped 50 places on Amazon this morning. Miss Daisy said no to bubbling under.
  5. Katy is so good at promo that she's going to have Daisy perform Cry About It Later at the Grammys next year.
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  6. That's such a beautiful picture.

    Obviously she wasn't planning to drop the baby alongside the album, but that's great promo. Congrats Katy!
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  7. This is a next level pop campaign. Not only did Katy give us loads of quality content during a global pandemic and the ensuing quarantine, but to shamelessly build some of it around the name of her child and sync up the 'release' of both offspring and album?

    Take a seat, ladies... Kathryn did that.

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  8. Orlando being a 2X Certified DILF. We like to see it.
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  9. 'Only Love' is Katy at her best, this is the kind of songs that made me fell in love with her.
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Congrats Katy and Orlando!! I’m actually so happy for them, what a gorgeous little family.
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  11. Have to agree that announcing a high profile birth like this one through UNICEF is one of the classiest acts by a celebrity in a long time.
  12. Welcome to my niece Daisy!!!
  13. Some idiot has edited the Smile wikipedia page to claim that Daisies was the lead single and the album also contains the "standalone single" Never Really Over, which is fucking with my OCD. It's not standalone by virtue of being on the album!
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  14. Katy has called Daises the lead single too, but we all know it was Never Really Over. If there had been a year of radio silence between it and Daisies then I’d allow it, but she gave a steady stream of songs and videos - all of which ended up on the album in some form or another- for a year. The singles off the album are Never Really Over, Small Talk, Daises, and Smile (except in the US where it hasn’t been sent to radio yet!? I don’t know). These were all officially promoted to radio and appear on the album. From where I’m sitting that makes them singles off the album.
  15. So happy for her and Orlando.
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  16. Champagne Problems is going to please the Dua Lipers.
  17. Someone tried to tell me 'Never Really Over' didnt go to number one either? What kind of malicious lies.
  18. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Honestly is there any better promo than a baby?
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