Katy Perry - Smile

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Only Love

This truly is such a wonderful album. I wanna sit with it more before I definitely say it's my favorite Katy album, but I do already feel like it's her best. The opening run of the first four songs especially is honestly her best, at least since One Of The Boys. And I made it better by putting Small Talk between Teary Eyes and Daisies to make it an amazing 5 track run.
Wait at this being entirely wonderful? Add Katy to the list of pop gals who have blessed us with an album almost fully replayable this year.

Besides Never Really Over and Daisies (which I already loved), Cry About it Later, Not The End Of The World, Champagne Problems and Only Love are the highlights. Resilient and Smile are only two I'd probably not keep.
Resilient and Smile are only two I'd probably not keep.

This was actually my takeaway.

It's an ironclad collection of cute bops, taking you through various sounds and trends of all of her previous albums. It's a bookend of sorts, neatly reflecting on her career. The naive rawness of Boys, the candycoated bops of Dream, Prism's more reflective moments and the 80s sheen of Witness. I've been critical of it not necessarily being the album I would have expected to follow Witness, but also given the circumstances of its release it's also kind of just like... why not this album? She has time to reinvigorate herself creatively later on.


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She delivered a very solid album. Yeah it doesn't have any really "big" moments like her other albums, but there's a batch of really lovely songs in here. "Only Love" is probably my favorite and the run of the first 4 songs is among the best on any of her albums. Teary Eyes deserves to be pushed as a single. Well done, Katy. It's a nice album that goes by fast and is great for the times right now while also showcasing Katy's capabilities. I don't think she's ever sounded better and more confident than with this album.
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