Katy Perry - Smile

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Pleased to see we're all in agreement that this is excellent

Honestly what the hell were they thinking pushing Small Talk and Smile when they had songs like Cry About It Later, Teary Eyes, and Tucked waiting? Overall I think the album is solid, but I agree with some of the comments saying that the middle section bogs it down a bit. I think I'll make a cute EP moment out of the first four tracks, Tucked, Bopleys in Hawaii, and Only Love.

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It's not changed my life on first listen or anything, but it's a really solid comfort-food kind of pop album. It doesn't aim particularly high, but that also means it doesn't fall flat on its face with any ideas it can't pull off.

And Teary Eyes is the one. The best song of this era and yes I'm including Never Really Over. It's absolute joy.
I think nothing comes off as a huge undeniable hit sans Never Really Over ('Cry' doesn't really sound like a hit to me like it does others), but the album overall feels extremely competent, which has been a struggle for her for every album in the past.

Daises really is impeccable and a victory. I thought I'd hate Resilient from what people have said, but I kinda love it, though I didn't really notice any clunky lyrics on first listen.

Champagne Problems is really nice but that god awful opening line. Christ.

Tucked is very One Of The Boys for the best. Only Love is very Prism too, which is nice.

High On Your Supply is great production-wise and could sonically fit with the album (keep Small Talk far, far away) but the tone of the lyrics feels like it'd be a bit too at odds with the album.

The sequencing is actually probably the best she's ever done with this being her first cohesive album, though I think I'd still cut Smile and Not The End of the World. I don't even think I mind Smile anymore as its grown on me, but it feels like a song created once the album was already done and tossed onto it due to the label fearing there was no solid Hot AC hit on it.

She really should have made it a solid 10-track affair and called the album Cry About It Later, which feels like a way smarter and more effective title than just Smile.

I don't know yet if it's her strongest album, but it does feel like her most consistent.
there’s something so disarmingly earnest about this whole album - it’s almost like she achieved with this what she wanted to do with Witness... I don’t like everything on first listen but it sounds more coherent than anything she’s done. Now the only thing I really dislike is the honestly really awful cover.
Do people not consider One of the Boys cohesive? Ur So Gay is really the only sonic outlier. It’s a pop/rock album through and through. Witness is mostly a cohesive effort until you get to Tsunami and from there out it sort of becomes a free for all.

Smile works really well as a whole to me. Not the End of the World is the big sonic outlier. Other than that the whole record flows pretty seamlessly.
Teary Eyes could be a top tier Katy single. Infinitely better than Smile.

I like Resilient ddd. Makes me nostalgic for Prism. The middle 8 serves some serious One Of The Boys melody which is lovely. But she doesn’t half take a metaphor and run with it... full bloom indeed!

Not the End of the World is actually.... not as bad as I feared? I actually quite like it.
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Cry About It Later is really, really good. This should definitely have been a single before now.

Teary Eyes is a bit less immediate and sounds like an album track but a really top-tier one. It could probably use a proper middle 8 though.

Tucked really is that shimmery roller rink fantasy. Serving 2001 via 1978. That chorus is so instant.

Resilient is perfectly cute, y'all doing too much as per. Not The End of the World is not the reductive Dark Horse echo I feared. She's done this better before but the chorus actually has a bit of warmth to it this time (although the outro does sound randomly like a sample of Kristinia deBarge's Goodbye!).

Only Love took about 5 seconds to reveal that it's going to snatch the weave clean off my head. Oh lyrically this one is definitely for the locals, it sounds like a UK radio smash. It's quite Prism.

I'm really impressed. I'll listen to the rest shortly but even if they're all shit, she came through! A much stronger record than Witness, even without highlights that quite scale the same heights. It's much more like Prism in many ways and that's my favourite Katy record. This might become #2...
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