Katy Perry - Smile

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It's funny to see the same people who called Chromatica generic/uninspired pretending this isn't straight up bad.
This is a great pop record. Resilient/Not the End of the World was a bit of a dud, forgettable moment for me. But that's what I expect from a Katy album. Few dud's, great singles and some exceptional should-be-singles.
Cry About It Later, Teary Eyes, Champagne Problems & Tucked all had me bopping and singing along by the end of the track. Katy hook perfection.
Never Really Over and Harley's are still some of her best ever work too.

High On Your Supply is another 'Act My Age' situation and should have been on the standard.
All these reviews about the album being ill-timed for the current climate are... weird. Like everyone was enjoying the escapism the likes of Gaga's album of Joe Biden pop and Dua's album were providing, but the moment Katy Perry does it... it's suddenly a bit crass to be releasing pop music six months into this pandemic? What should she be doing then?

The album even manages to mostly dodge and duck most of her worst tendencies; there's not a single borderline-meme song to be found for a change, her sense of humour has been thankfully eradicated from most of the music, and what you're left with is a remarkably solid pop album. Like I kept waiting for the trap door to open underneath my feet and find myself in one of her usual clown songs but it never happened. It's maybe lacking in big headliner moments outside of "Never Really Over", but the rest is so robust and well made that it's hard to have a problem with it.
Strangely enough it's actually the perfect album for the times- finding strength in the things that really matter, getting back to a point where you feel ok with yourself and the world again, deciding what's really important- all things that have happened lately to a lot of people I think.. just a basic sense of optimism after a very dark moment.
The title track is easily the worst thing from the album, so it's frustrating to think it became a single over stuff like "Cry About It Later", "Teary Eyes" and "Only Love". But anyway, with a couple of cuts, the album becomes a killer 10-tracks affair and her best since Teenage Dream.
I still stan. The way she effortlessly goes deeper than ever before and she actually does it with better lyrics and melodies than before... I love this for her.
Wait, is this post a sneaky Walking On Air easter egg? No choice but to stan.

Are you serious? that is really the dumbest comment I've read in a while
Don't get your pretzels in a twist hun, I think you can guess the answer to "are you serious?". I lived there four years.

They don't smile much in Berlin to be fair.
I’ve had a terrible few days and this is exactly what I needed thank you Katheryn.

The first 6 are perfect aren’t they?
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