Katy Perry - Smile

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I half expected Tucked to be a thinkly veiled metaphor for having Orlando's penis tucked between her legs, so it's a surprise to have such a straightforward bop!

I think this is a bit of a mixed bag, at the moment though Smile itself is easily one of the worst songs here. I feel like I'm gonna be taking half the album and running. The campaign itself though has definitely been worth it if nothing else.
That “i can see that you’ve lost the light in your life” hit different on my 06:00 tram to work this morning. I sure have. Surely have

Smile really does stand out on my first play through, it doesn’t fit with the other tracks. Glad Never Really Over and Harley’s made the final tracklisting!
he / him
That “i can see that you’ve lost the light in your life” hit different on my 06:00 tram to work this morning. I sure have. Surely have


I literally wrote and put out a song about someone taking the light out of me and name checked her as an inspiration and then....... bam.... mum
This is pretty comfortably her best album (Teenage Dream is obviously iconic but some of those tracks...)

Resilient is the only one I’m not feeling - will probably swap that out for 365 if I reshuffle the tracklist in a playlist.
I mean the Germans literally have the trashest musical taste of any country in Europe and their Spotify is rich with embarrassment, so...

They also don't like smiling.
I smile a lot but I also hate it here.
It's funny to see the same people who called Chromatica generic/uninspired pretending this isn't straight up bad.
Have you heard of different standards? Obviously I can think a Casacada song is great and a Beyoncé song is bad while still understanding that Beyoncé is on a whole different planet than Cascada. So while Gaga disappointed in many ways Katy surprised in many ways which makes her a better popstar in this climate. Does not say much about the overall quality. It is really not that hard to get.
I really like this, because it’s probably her most straight-up, earnest, ironically no clownery album yet. It’s just a great set of Katy Perry pop songs, and I’ll be glad to have it on repeat this weekend.
I can image this ending up my favourite Katy album. Not that that means that much.
Teenage Dream is still her best album but Smile can sit comfortably next to her big sis. It's this weird blend of cohesion, more so mood than production wise that holds it together. "Teary Eyes", "Tucked" and "Only Love" are the best that aren't the singles.

Speaking of the former album, I still don't know a better opening line than, "You make me feel like I'm losing my virginity, the first time, every time, when ya touching me".
It's a really solid and consistent album. Something I can put on and enjoy the whole way through. I don't love it but I foresee myself playing it a shit ton just like I did Chromatica because girls, she needs easy bops to survive these days.

Gonna give the album a few more run-throughs while I clean today but Teary Eyes and Tucked are the best bops of the bunch outside the singles so far.
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